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Baby Boomers are a distinct demographic and a unique marketing challenge when it comes to apartment listings. There are more than 77 million baby boomers — people born between 1946 and 1964 — in the United States right now that control approximately 70 percent (some say more) of the wealth.

Baby boomers are expected to account for 20% of American renters by 2020, according to Census Bureau projections. This represents an enormous opportunity for complexes that can offer the amenities, location and atmosphere that Baby Boomers are looking for in a living space. For many who have decided to downsize, this affluent demographic has money to spend and is seeking very specific features in where they decide to live and invest their time.

Here are some tips on how to market your listings to Baby Boomers.


For Baby Boomers, the top three features of an ideal apartment community are safety, cleanliness and quiet. Make sure to embellish these keywords in your listing descriptions. This growing and responsible generation of renters values peace and tranquility over the flashy amenities that attract younger renters.

Networking Events:

Networking events can be a powerful way to acquire new lease-up opportunities by connecting with relocation companies, destination service providers and real estate offices. You can provide them with the opportunity to view the community and assist with their clients’ housing requests.

Model Suites

Provide quality photos and videos of the apartment units, floor plans, and amenities, such as the gym, community areas and specifically the pool in your marketing channels, emails and website. Some of the most successful apartment complexes invest in renting staging furniture for model suites to better show potential tenants the available floor plans. In fact, statistics show that staging brings in higher rents, and more dependable and reliable tenants.

Digital Marketing:

Baby Boomers are tech savvy and online with roughly 96% of them using search engines and email. They’re also social and are driving the growth of social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Maintain a quality web presence and utilize your online resources and social networks by posting referrals, community events, location features and photos of amenities. Position your complex as a pleasant, social and active place to live, which will help increase renter interest.

Build and Promote Referrals:

According to an exclusive survey by J Turner Research and Multifamily Executive, 63% of baby boomers conducting an apartment search use online ratings and reviews sites. Encourage tenants to write reviews that you can promote through your digital marketing efforts and on apartment rental online destinations.

The Brook Connect Even is one component of the Brook Advantage Program, which helps apartment complexes promote their communities and help them acquire new lease-up opportunities. Brook Furniture Rental, the leader in quality furniture rental, provides outstanding furnishings for model suites, which allows potential renters to better visualize how unit spaces can be utilized.

View the video of how Vargos on the Lake Apartments has partnered with Brook Furniture Rental to better promote their community.

For more information on Brook’s Connect Events and staging model suites, contact us at 877.285.7368, or visit the staging section of our website. We also encourage to view our model suites ebrochure!


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