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Brook Furniture Rental is committed to providing the highest quality furniture and professionalism supported by our extreme service. There is nothing better than to hear the success stories from our valued customers. This is what it is all about!


As a new community with several unique floor plans, we experienced some challenge’s in leasing one particular floor plan. We contacted Brook Furniture to set up a model in this unit to assist prospects to better understand the space and how they could make it their home. We have a total of 8 units with this floor plan and within one week’s period of setting up our model we managed to lease five. We really appreciate Brook Furniture’s creative vision in helping bring this space to life and look forward to using them again in the future. – Christie Sandlin, CAPS | Regional Manager  Alliance Residential Company



Houston, Texas 77002


To learn more on how Brook Furniture Rental can work with your community, visit the Brook Advantage website or contact us at: 877.285.7368


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