If you already live in Jacksonville then you know about the exciting things this beautiful city and surrounding areas have to offer. However, if you’re planning a move to Jacksonville, then you may not know all that it has to offer. For example, even though Jacksonville has a very tropical, warm climate with mild winters, you do get a feel for the change of seasons. In the winter, you could see some frost from time to time but aren’t likely to see any snow. The city hasn’t seen real snow accumulation since 1989, and at times in January, you’ll wonder if it isn’t fall.

So with the agreeable weather, it’s nice to know there are lots of outdoor activities to partake in. No matter where you reside in Jacksonville, you’re never very far from the miles of beautiful beaches. Residents in most areas of the city can reach the beach in less than an hour.

If you’re not much of a beach person, you might be interested to know that the city of Jacksonville operates the largest urban park system in the United States, with more than 250 designated parks in more than 80,000 acres. Each of the parks brings their own unique qualities, from the calm peace of the various parks in Riverside to the rich history of Downtown’s Hemming Plaza, the city’s first park.

Like to hunt or fish? Jacksonville is an outdoor aficionado’s dream, especially compared to other cities its size. The St. John’s River is very much the lifeblood of the city, and is often used by residents for fishing, boating and water skiing.

The city is also filled with beautiful golf courses, and the PGA Tour is based in nearby Ponte Vedra, making golf a popular local activity. Jacksonville’s place as an NFL City is also etched in stone with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Jacksonville regularly makes the list for major cities with a low cost of living. Housing, particularly in some areas, is impressively affordable when Jacksonville is compared to other cities on the East Coast. The cost of living is not only lower than the U.S. national average, but it’s also lower than the Florida average.

Finally, and what many people love the most, is that not only Jacksonville, but all of Florida has no sales tax. That means more money stays in your pocket.

The money you save from the low cost of living, affordable housing and no sales tax means you can really make your furniture budget go far with furniture rental in Jacksonville Florida for your home or apartment. That’s where you could use the service of Brook Furniture Rental in Jacksonville Florida.

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