By Brook Furniture Rental –

Brook Furniture Rental is excited to announce that they have placed first in the Lakewood Apartments Designer Showcase!

The event, which was held between April 27 – 28, was one of the first of its kind for the Austin, TX, area. Lakewood, a Greystar community, invited local designers, artists, and leading furniture suppliers to collaborate in decorating six individual apartments to showcase their homes and style of living to perspective tenants.

Brook Furniture Rental was honored to be able to work with Austin’s Petra Rupp, a local designer boasting degrees in interior design as well as studio art and international studies. In collaboration with Petra, Brook created the “The Artist Apartment”  and wowed everyone with their bold use of black and white furnishings combined with Rupp’s original art.

“I’ve always been drawn to high contrast, the play between positive and negative space is striking and timeless. When you work in black and white, you should mix pattern and scale to create an interesting design, as we did throughout the apartment.  I often collaborate with Brook on a variety of projects and I love the variety of furniture they offer. No matter what the theme and color palette, we have always been able to place gorgeous Brook pieces to really bring my designs together,” said Ms Rupp.

“Petra’s art inspired us to create the black and white theme specifically around her fabulous guitar piece called “No Treble”. We wanted a modern, fun apartment that was eclectic but with classic pieces. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of the Lakewood Showcase and work with Petra. The final out come was simply outstanding,” said Amanda Valdez from Brook Furniture Rental.






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