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In a competitive rental environment, apartment amenities are a distinguishing success factor in occupancy rates. A recent survey conducted by the National Apartment Association (NAA) reveals which amenity offerings are the most sought after and which ones offer the highest rate of return.

The NAA study included 43 unique amenities that apartment communities have either added or upgraded from January 2014 to September 2016. While fitness centers and common rooms are at the top of the list, upgraded kitchens, pools, outdoor kitchens, pet-friendly features as well as business centers are also proving popular.

Interestingly, a recent study by J Turner Research found that business centers were a “must have” placing second as the top community amenity after fitness centers.

Not your typical business center

Though business centers and conference rooms have been prevalent in many high-end residential buildings for well over 30 years, developers are now integrating the concept into new developments. What was once considered an adequate business amenity years ago, is no longer acceptable for today’s tech savvy resident.

Trends such as co-working spaces, working remotely and mobile technology are re-defining the business center of today’s apartment communities. Driven by the live-work-play urban lifestyle, business centers are now being designed to enhance the resident’s total living experience emulating the features of a modern, collaborative workplace.

In addition to workstations, copiers and fax machines, it is not uncommon to find lounge areas with soft seating, coffee stations, stylish rugs, and plants. Glassed-in conference rooms are another addition where residents can invite clients and hold presentations only footsteps away from their living oasis.

While a business center amenity is often associated with urban living, suburban communities are also taking notice and adding or upgrading their buildings to support their working residents. The social features of these business spaces are also attracting other residents such as seniors and children where these spaces can serve dual-purpose.

e-Loft Conference Room

e-Lofts Conference Room – Bozzuto

A co-working environment

Another driving factor is the need for office space. With the co-working trend on the rise, apartment buildings can capitalize by offering a co-working environment not only to their residents but the public as well. As the amenity race continues, staying ahead of the curve can make the difference in attracting and retaining residents. The amenity list is growing, but offering an open office space environment will continue as one of the hottest trends.

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