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First impressions go along way. Though the apartments of a community may be well maintained and desirable, dowdy common rooms and lobbies will be the first thing to turn off potential residents as they walk through the front door. This is particularly true now that common areas are placed so high on the list of amenities that residents want.

In many new developments, the appearance and features of common areas are starting to resemble that of high-end hotels and resorts, with big screen TVs, work stations, multiple lounge areas, and iCafes.

And no wonder. More multi-family housing managers are finding that the investment in common areas not only provides a competitive edge, but attains higher rents and better tenants.

As the size of apartment units shrink, common areas have become more important than ever in attracting and keeping residents. Many renters will opt for smaller units if the community offers well-designed community spaces. The ability to connect and socialize with fellow neighbours is not only a feature desired by GenY, but spans across other demographics, including Millennials and seniors.


No matter the demographics, residents want common areas that provide Internet access, a bright atmosphere, and comfortable lounge areas to promote social interaction.

If you are considering renovating your common areas, here are a few tips to consider:

  • A great way to get started is to understand the specific needs of your residents. A questionnaire is a good way to get feedback as to the type of activities and associated decor will make sense for your residents and the design of the common areas.
  • Consider the style of the rest of the building and choose rental furniture and decor that will fit in from an aesthetic value.
  • Since the areas will get a lot of use, consider furniture and decor that are not only stylish, but durable. The new, leather-like vinyl and chenilles are a good choice for sofas and, occasionally, chairs.
  • Area rugs can better define specific areas, are easier to maintain, and provide a more home-like and relaxed environment.
  • Choose a variety of lighting that will create an inviting ambience but won’t overwhelm with glare.


  • Don’t forget your leasing office is a focal point for the rest of the community. Stylish desk furniture and sitting area should reflect the rest of the complex and common areas.
  • Even inexpensive upgrades, such as a few furniture pieces, side tables, lamps, and artwork can go a long way in changing a common area into a place where residents will feel comfortable interacting and socializing together.
  • Based on your market, make good use of your common areas by providing interesting and fun activities such as movie nights, happy hours, pot-luck suppers and calendar related events.

Brook Furniture Rental offers flexible solutions to fit any budget. Our team of professionals can help in the design, layout and evaluation of furniture and decor requirements needed to create a warm and inviting experience for your residents. Visit our website for more information or contact us at: 877.285.7368


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