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Resident Ideas for Spring

Everyone loves to celebrate Spring. It’s the perfect time to organize an event in your community and a great opportunity to help your current and new tenants get to know each other. Spring brings so many things to mind but here are a few dates you mat not be aware of that you can plan a fun event around.

World Book Day – March 3rd.

World Book Day is a great day to celebrate. Why not organize a reading and book sale. Ask tenants to bring their used books to the club house and ask volunteers if they would read a few pages of their favorite book. Afterwards let residents purchase each other’s books with all proceeds going to your local children’s charity.

St. Patrick’s Day – March 17th.

No explanation required for this day. Why not organize a St. Patrick’s Day party with lots of decorations from your local dollar store. Serve lots of green festive goodies, sandwiches, snacks and refreshments. Invite tenants to attend dressed in their best green attire. This is a great opportunity to take photos and post the event to your social networks.

 Chip and Dip Day – March 23rd.

Could you possibly think of a tastier date to celebrate than Chip and Dip Day? Ask your tenants to purchase a bag of their favorite flavored chips with dip and organize a taste testing party with refreshments in the club house.

Take a Walk in the Park Day – March 30th.

Organize a morning or after work walk in your local park. Encourage residents to bring their cameras and take photographs. Afterwards, hold a photography contest with the one gaining the most votes winning a picnic basket for two.

National Deep Dish Pizza Day – April 5th.

Celebrate by holding a pizza party in the club room. Provide plenty of deep dish pizza and soft drinks, and ask your residents to bring a salad or desert to share.

National Picnic Day – April 23rd.

To celebrate National Picnic Day, take your meal outdoors and allow residents and future residents to enjoy a picnic with friends and family! Hold a drawing or contest for a super nice picnic basket as the grand prize.

Oatmeal Cookie Day – April 30th.

Although no record seems to exist regarding the origins of Oatmeal Cookie Day, the Internet is filled with evidence that it is a genuine celebration of what is considered to be the healthiest cookie of all. Hold an oatmeal cookie bake sale, with all proceeds going to your community charity.

April is Decorating Month!

Did you know? April is also decorating month. Spring is the time to evaluate your current decorating and decor requirements. Perhaps it’s time to update your model suites, or revamp your lobby and clubhouse area.

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