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An open-concept floor plan is usually a “great room” that combines the kitchen, dining room, and living area in one shared space. If you are residing in an apartment or condo today, there’s a good chance that it features an open-concept. It’s easy to see why open floor plans are so popular.

As the trend towards smaller apartments with less square footage continues, an open concept can make a space seem much larger and brighter. The open flow from the kitchen to the living areas becomes a social hub for entertaining and socializing, allowing us to cook and communicate without the obstructions of walls. If designed properly and decorated with amazing home rental furniture packages, these spaces are not only multi-functional, but reflect a casual, contemporary style of living.

However, the absence of walls results in the need to create separate living areas within one large space, essentially “rooms within a room.” The key is to introduce subtle, yet distinct, differences between the kitchen, living, and dining areas while still following a consistent style. Here are a few tips that will help you create the perfect open-concept style that is right for you.

Open-Concept Room Themes

Start by choosing a color palette that you can repeat in your furniture and accessories to create a consistent style throughout the room. While most open concepts feature a neutral backdrop color on the walls, introducing colors and textures in throw cushions, fabrics, and accent chairs in complementary hues can work together to define distinct spaces.

Keep the Space Open

Avoid obstructing the path of movement and sight lines with inappropriate furniture by allowing open views from one living space to the next. If you have the luxury of large windows, take advantage of the views and natural light.

Choosing Rental Furniture for Open-Concept Floor Plans

Before you rent home or apartment furniture, carve out and measure the zones that you are planning for the living and dining areas. Choose furniture that will fit proportionately while still providing movement throughout the space. Create furniture groupings to define separate spaces with area rugs, decor, and lighting. Brook Furniture Rental offers some of the most popular rental dining table and chair styles in glass and acrylic that work to keep an open concept airy and modern.

Creating Focal Points with Furniture

Create a focal point in each area, such as a dramatic piece of rented artwork, an oversized chandelier, or a stand-out rug to help define the particular living space while adding a sense of personality and style.

Area Rugs

Area rugs are probably one of the best ways to define specific living areas in an open-concept floor plan design. Brook offers a large variety of rental area rugs in natural hues, chic solids, and bold, colorful patterns that will bring a sense of sophistication, warmth, and elegance to any space.


Remember there is often less storage space in an open-concept floor plan. When renting furniture, consider pieces that can double duty in style and organization, such as ottomans, cabinets, and hutches.

Need more inspiration? Visit Brook’s Furniture Rental’s Gallery of Living Room Sets  to get started. We are also here to help! Contact us at 1 877.285.7368.

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