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There was a time when common amenities, such as a swimming pool and a gym, were sufficient enough to attract an array of potential renters and ensure a community’s long-term success. How times have changed. Younger generations and changing lifestyle trends are now driving a host of high-end amenities focused on convenience, outdoor living, and social interaction. Though many of these amenities are featured in newly developed complexes, existing apartment communities can benefit from understanding these emerging trends and evaluating the requirements for updates and renovations.

 Vegetable and Fruit Gardens

With a new awareness in sustainable living, today’s renters appreciate the opportunity to participate in a community garden. This can extend to food activities, such as community dinners or recipe and wine tastings, which help enforce the social sense of community.

 Bicycle Storage

For many communities, bicycles have become the preferred form of travel. Bike riders enjoy avoiding the expense of car ownership and traffic congestion, but this has created the requirement for new amenities, such as storage, bike paths, and even bike repair services.

Roof-Top Amenities

Roof tops have now become an essential outdoor space and can include lounge areas, outdoor kitchens, gardens, and even large-screen TVs for movie nights. Residents will accept smaller living spaces if the community offers well-designed outdoor spaces to entertain, socialize, or just relax.

 Social Rooms

Residents want to live beyond the walls of their apartment. The traditional clubhouse area is now known as a social room, a place where residents can catch up on emails, work, or read in a social environment where they can interact with each other.

Pet Services

Accommodating and servicing pets has become a new amenity that young renters enjoy. From grooming stations to dog walking and daycare, savvy apartment communities are including these features into their communities to gain a marketing advantage.


Fast, reliable Internet access is the most desired technology-based amenity. Residents expect a strong Internet connection to support all their devices within their unit and the complex. Installing routers throughout the complex and providing Wi-Fi in social areas makes for a better living experience.

Style & Decor

Beyond these emerging amenities and the traditional ones such as location, open concepts, parking, and laundry, residents also want stylish decor in the lounge areas, and social spaces. Brook Furniture Rental has a long history in providing rental furniture for apartment communities, including high-quality furniture, rugs, art and even plants that can turn any ordinary social space into an inviting and stylish experience. Contact us at 877.285.7368 or visit today to view our collections.

Photo Courtesy of: Douglas Elliman Real Estate

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