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Is your office giving a bad first impression? We’ve all heard the saying, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” As a property manager, it is more than likely that the management office will be one of the first touch points for prospective tenants or employees. Beyond the brand building and marketing, the physical appearance of your community will be the most important feature in establishing a first real impression, and your office is no exception.

Your office should reflect the business style, culture and the care you provide as a property manager. And let’s not forget productivity. A well-designed office can lead to a more efficient and enjoyable experience for you and your staff. Though Brook Furniture Rental is recognized for providing award-winning furnishings and decor for model suites and furnished apartments, we also offer the latest in office furniture solutions.

Here are some tips to consider if you are updating or furnishing a new office.

One of the biggest challenges in furnishing an office is establishing how much space you have and how to make it more efficient. Our professional team can work with you to configure a layout that best optimizes your area, as well as establishing the necessary requirements such as desk space, storage, bookshelves and lighting to make your workspace perfect.

Whether traditional or modern, Brook has the office furniture to suit your tastes and your community brand. Choose from rich wood, or modern glass to contemporary desks styles with coordinating furniture, all available to work within your budget and your needs. Don`t forget; a stylish office can make that vital difference in a good or bad first impression of your apartment community when attaining new leases.

As we know, the role of a property manager means long hours and busy schedules. Your office is your home away from home and should be a place that is not only productive but a warm and comfortable environment. Brook offers high quality, ergonomic chairs designed to suit your personal style and fit. As well, our large selection of beautiful area rugs, artwork, mirrors and soft seating is available to compliment your office space and create a welcoming atmosphere to rewind and impress visitors!
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