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How important is a green apartment community to today’s renters? A recent study by found that a staggering 86% of Americans prefer an apartment with sustainable features, and are willing to pay extra for the upgrade. In fact, sustainable apartment community practices have now become one of the leading amenities that young renters want.

In fact, many cities are putting in place their own Green mandates. Eugene, OR, has barred bee-killing pesticides, water bottles are a no-no in San Francisco, Hawaii is tossing plastic bags, New York is crunching styrofoam, and the list goes on.

Not every community can retrofit their apartments with energy efficient appliances, (unless the tenant is willing to pay for an upgrade), but there are some simple ways to promote a green living environment that can go a long way in supporting sustainability.

Here are a few green ideas that your community can implement without breaking the bank.

High-Efficiency Lighting

Where possible, replace traditional light bulbs with LEDs and CFLs. They last a long time, save on energy and maintenance costs, and can be easily recycled.

On-Site Recycling

Along with the standard recycling of paper, plastic, cans, and glass, offer a monthly electronics recycling service. Not only may some residents be interested in some of the items, but companies like Best Buy will take it off your hands for free.

Recycle Moving Boxes

We all know how expensive moving boxes are, never mind the hassle of disposing of them. You can help save soon-to-be renters time and money by providing them with boxes. When your renters are finished moving, store the boxes for the next tenant.

Move-In Gifts

Instead of a typical basket of move-in gifts, show your new residents you are serious about the environment by giving them a reusable bag full of goodies and some eco-friendly cleaning products.

Green Party

Host a resident party and invite local vendors to showcase their products. Encourage vendors to speak on the benefits of their products and offer discounts to your residents who attend.

Car Pool

There is a good chance that many of your residents are heading off in the same direction every morning. Set up a carpool at your community where interested residents can share a ride and contribute to gas expenses. It’s also an excellent way to bring your residents together.

Bike Rental

Purchase a few bicycles and offer rentals, as well as bike storage, for residents. Not only is it a great way to reduce gas usage, but residents will appreciate your concern for the environment and a healthier lifestyle.

Bee Friendly

Plant a bee garden and make sure your maintenance team is using bee-friendly fertilizers and pesticides.


Get your residents involved by sending out a questionnaire asking them to contribute their ideas on “Going Green.” Add a green section to your lease explaining your community’s green initiatives and what residents can do help promote an eco-friendly living experience.

Green Award

How about a green award? Have residents email you every month with what they are doing to be green. As an appreciation, offer the winner a dinner for two, tickets to a movie theatre, or better yet, a water purifier.

Rent Furniture

Time to renovate? Consider renting apartment furniture instead of investing in new furniture that you will eventually have to dispose of when it becomes outdated.

Brook Furniture Rental offers a wide array of stylish furnishings for your lobby, office, common rooms and model suites with pick-up and delivery services included.


Don’t forget to advertise the green initiatives of your community on your website, marketing, and social media. Prospective renters will be attracted to a community that supports a healthy, sustainable place to live.

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