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According to the International Facilities Management Association, almost 70% of American workers go to offices with open-floor plans. The trend that began in the 1990’s was responding to research that showed open workspaces supported more employee collaboration, creativity, and productivity. Since then, advances in computer and wireless technology have resulted in the design of smaller workstations and modular desk solutions. Driven by the need to maximize available office space and attract highly skilled workers, employers have embraced the open workspace with enthusiasm.

But, does one-size fit all? Although the current trend towards open workspaces is still based on the aforementioned benefits, growing research is proving that this is not the case for all. In fact, for some employees, it is increasing stress and distraction and lowering motivation. A 2013 report on workplace satisfaction cited that workers who worked in an open-plan environment complained that a significant lack of privacy and distraction were some of the leading causes of dissatisfaction at work. Many employers realize that the design and layout of their office environment requires the need for a rich variety of spaces, including private offices.


So, what are some of the benefits of a private office?

Privacy and Concentration:

One of the inherent problems with the current open-office trend is the lack of privacy. For many employees, a private office is imperative to fulfilling specific tasks. A private office provides a space removed from distractions, noise, interruptions, and community gossip. There is also the benefit of being able to personalize the space with comfortable, stylish rental office furniture capable of supporting the tasks at hand that results in increased productivity. Privacy can be quite an advantage for employees in roles such as HR, programming, and management.


Creative thinking and writing often calls for a quiet space where employees can better concentrate without interruption. Creating an office that can be used as an “on-demand private office” is a cost-effective way to provide a closed space for specific projects or client meetings.


Depending on the type of business, there is still a need to support employees and management positioned in the upper echelon. Typically, a private office represents status and is given to someone who has earned that entitlement through achievement. No high-level professional will be satisfied working in an open workspace or cubicle.

Though there are the disadvantages of lower employee communication, costs, and required space, if planned correctly, the benefits of a private space will outweigh these issues in providing areas where people can work without distractions.

Ultimately, our offices are much like an operating system, providing multi-tasking, sharing, and creativity while supporting the flow of information within various folders that are private at one time and open the next.

Companies thinking about how to structure their office plan should consider the different needs of their employees and design an environment that provides individual and open zones that work in harmony. For contract furniture dealers, providing a customized furniture mix that can accommodate all the demands of their customers can be a challenge, but Brook Furniture Rental has no such issues.

Brook Furniture Rental, specializes in providing a large selection of office furniture from modern to traditional to support short or long-term requirements.

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Brook Furniture Rental offers a wide choice of office furniture from traditional to modular suited to any office environment. No matter what your requirements, we can help. Contact us at: 877.285.7368 or visit our website for more information.


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