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Summer is upon us and people are on the move. The summer season is the busiest time for the multi-housing industry rental market, with young professionals entering the workforce, and college students and locals looking for a change of lifestyle.

The summer season offers unique marketing opportunities to engage potential renters and showcase your community against the competition.

Pool Parties:

Invite local businesses, such as restaurants and sports vendors, to collaborate in promoting their establishment. Offer musical entertainment, a barbecue, and prizes, such as gift cards from the sponsors, combined with tours of the community. Events like this can be effectively promoted by way of your residents as well as through social media, websites, and traditional print advertising.

Yard and Lemonade Sale:

Contact your residents and host a community yard sale with proceeds going to a local charity. Make sure you have marketing collateral and tours of the property available, as well as local information for visitors who may be in the area for the first time.

Festivals and Events:

Set up a booth and take advantage of local festivals in your area. Consider your target market in terms of what event will be the most suitable to market your community, such as a wine and food, crafts, or perhaps a music festival to attract college students. Everyone loves free stuff, so make sure you have lots of giveaways geared to your potential prospects.

Golf Tournaments:

Golf is big business for the summer months and sponsoring a tournament is a great way to promote your community, particularly if it is targeting a retirement demographic. Set up a booth with advertising collateral and a video promoting the benefits and amenities that your community offers. Produce branded golf shirts and offer them membership to the club as prize giveaways.

Photography and Video:

The summer season offers the prefect opportunity to refresh the marketing materials of your community with new images and videos that you can use on social media, your website, and print advertising. Balconies and rooftop patios, pool and BBQ areas, as well as local parks and summer attractions, are features that can go far in positioning your community’s lifestyle.

Social Media:

No matter what event you hold or attend, make good use of social media by taking lots of pictures that you can post to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media networks. Social media is a powerful way to reach and connect with potential renters and position your community as a fun and vibrant place to live.


Remember, all your marketing efforts will be wasted if a prospect gets a bad first impression when touring your community. In a competitive rental environment, it is critical to make sure all the features and amenities are well maintained, including the grounds, landscaping, lobby, and common rooms, as well as your model suite. If your market happens to be promoting smaller units to college students or young professionals, a staged studio apartment is an amazing way to showcase how the floor plan can be utilized.

The Brook Advantage Program is designed to work with communities to gain more exposure and increase occupancy. Our Brook Promotes and Brook Connect Events and furniture models are effective ways to market and showcase your community to potential renters. For more information visit the Brook Advantage website or contact us at: 877.285.7368


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