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When it comes to property management, one key factor in being successful is keeping your residents happy. Ensuring a lease renewal makes much more sense than the extra time and effort it takes to fill an empty unit. It’s much more cost-effective to hold onto your “perfect” residents by keeping them happy.

Here are some tips to improve resident retention levels.

A Well-Maintained Property.

Nothing upsets residents more than when a property is not well maintained and inspections are not being performed. Maintaining a beautiful, safe, well-kept residential property sends a clear message that you wish to earn your resident’s continuing business, lease after lease.

Accessibility to Management.

Make sure that your residents have full access to your phone and email account. Even if you can’t resolve a resident’s issue that day, promptly return all messages to confirm them as to when you will address it and a follow up after the work is complete.

Respect your tenant’s privacy.

If you need to access a resident’s unit for whatever reason, give them ample advance notice. Residents value their privacy, so try and respect it. Most states have laws that require at least a 24-hour notice.

Be professional and considerate.

Having a professional and considerate attitude goes a long way in developing and retaining happy residents. Treat them all fairly and equally and try to understand their point of view. They will remember when it is time to renew their lease.

Show your appreciation.

When you have excellent residents, you’ll want to make sure you keep them. Offering small upgrades, like new appliances or carpet, when residents renew their lease can go a long way in retaining their happiness.


If you have a meeting room, take advantage of yearly events and encourage residents to get involved. Developing a social atmosphere will not only allow you to get to know your residents better but will create a stronger sense of community. Encourage employees and residents who attend to leave comments in a decorative “suggestion box.”


It’s important to remember the appearance of your building. Leasing office and lobby furniture helps ensure that the first impression a new renter gets when visiting your community is quality.  Residents want to feel proud of where they live. Creating a stylish, comfortable ambiance reflects the values of the complete community. One of the best ways to maintain the look of your lobby and office is by renting furniture online from Brook Furniture Rental. We offer an extensive line of quality furniture and accessories for any size and style of community.

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