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2017 is right around the corner, and with it comes what’s trending in interior design and decorating for the coming year. In a competitive rental market, it is important that model suites and home staging reflect the contemporary styles that will attract today’s urban consumer market. As trends shift with the season, items such as updated accessories, lighting, and even a vibrant area rug can make the difference to an outdated unit. 2017 brings a mix of elements from the past and future featuring decor in natural textures, metallics and bold statements of color. Here are a few of the trends we expect to see for 2017.

Think Pink

2017 will see the color pink emerging in a big way. For many years, pink has not been a popular decorating color for homes, mostly reserved for the bedrooms of young girls, but this coming year we will see hues of pink and coral being used as strong color accents for walls, patterned cushions and occasional chairs.

Mixed Metallics

Still trending for 2017 is the use of mixed and warm metallics in brushed gold, hammered brass and muted silver. When used correctly, metallic decor in accents, art pieces, and mirrors can bring an unexpected sense of the exotic to a room. Look for glass and metallic tables in modern and retro designs as a popular choice again for the coming year.

Upholstered Headboards

The lavish look of upholstered bedheads often found in luxury hotels will continue to be a popular trend in 2017. Upholstered from the headboard to the footboard there is no better way to add glamor to a bedroom. Look for them in neutral to sophisticated dark earthy hues in fabric or leather with coordinating buttons to make the upholstery pucker or dramatic metallic nailheads.

Jewel Tones

Forest and emerald greens, ruby reds, cobalt blue; these are the colors that will trend in 2017. Unlike the off-whites and pastels that were popular this year, jewels tones are a dramatic turn to a bolder approach in decor. From paint colors to furnishings, look for these colors to bring a touch of the cosmos to your interior design.

Natural Textures

One trend that maintains it’s popularity is the use of natural textures. Loved by many, the neutral tones of warm textured furniture, throw pillows and rugs combined with rich, natural woods in teak and rattan create an ambiance of comfort and elegance that’s always a safe bet.

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