A new season, a new you. With winter right around the corner, now is a good time for a home décor update. As you start decorating for the winter, consider your furniture, as it has a big effect on the atmosphere of your home. Make sure your home is ready for winter this year: fill it with lots of light and lively decor and rental furniture for homes and apartments from Brook Furniture Rental!

The trick to adding excitement to home décor is to pay particular attention to color, pattern, and texture! Think of the beautiful snow that will soon be falling and how you can bring the beauty of a fresh snowfall and winter festivities into your home.

Another way to liven up home décor is to make sure your furniture and decoration capture your personal taste. Our large collection of rental furniture is full of exciting designs, colors, and materials. With our help, you can easily update your home décor for the winter. We can provide furniture that represents your style and creates the ambiance you want.

Below we’ve listed a few stylish rental furniture options that can be used to update your decor.

Ford White Sofa: This white leather rental sofa will brighten up your living room this winter. Its sleek, sophisticated style will create a modern feel.

Sherlock Red Wing Chair: Place this red, pattern colored chair against a wall or in the entrance way. It will add a festive feel to any room.

Chrome X Lamp: This chrome “X” shape lamp when paired with the Chrome O Lamp makes any room warm and inviting.

Beauregard Kidney Pillow: Accent pillows are great for adding color and dimension. This patterned pillow has a wonderful mix of colors that are perfect for winter.

Check out the Brook Furniture Rental website for more furniture rental options or contact a Brook representative at 877.285.7368 to inquire how we can assist you in updating your home décor today!

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