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According to a recent survey by Rent Media Solutions, renters view location as a major factor in the decision making process. To better understand how renters identify and evaluate apartment communities, the comprehensive survey collected 12,233 voluntary responses from current and prospective renters. It’s no surprise that the survey showed the shift from traditional search processes toward the current state of technology, which includes embracing online searches and reviews, social media, video and digital mobility.

To assist multifamily professionals, here are some key insights from the survey into the search processes of today’s tech-savvy renter.

How do renters discover a community?

90% of consumers indicated that they rely on Internet Listing Services, while 48% selected mobile applications. 17% continue to engage via magazine ads.

How do renters make a decision about a community?

80% state that photographs serve as a main resource, relying heavily on visuals to make a decision. High-quality photographs are visually appealing and attract renters to further research an apartment.

76% say ratings and reviews are one of the most important aspects of an apartment search, representing the unbiased opinion and experience of current renters. This helps to paint a complete picture of the community as a whole.

69% of consumers view location as a major factor in the decision making process driven by preferred neighborhoods, proximity to work and entertainment, as an example.

26% of prospective renters consider video to be significant evaluative tool, as do 40% of mobile users. By promoting apartment videos, managers ensure that the best resources are made available for consumer research, driving more qualified prospects.

How does mobile play a factor?

84% of consumers search for apartments on mobile devices. 82% surveyed use their mobile device to view floor plans. 75% contacted an apartment community and 66% used mobile to read property reviews.

How does social media play a role?

43% of consumers are likely or very likely to interact with an apartment community on social media. Renters may be interested in the community are also provided with information in the form of posts, images and videos.

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