The workplace is ever changing. Driven by smaller spaces and the need for collaboration, businesses are looking at active design solutions that provide open plans, help increase productivity, and promote a healthy working environment. As a leading provider of rental office furniture, Brook is committed to providing the latest office furnishing solutions that meet the demands and trends of today’s workplace.


Technological advancements, mobility, and social interaction are drastically changing the workplace. Office building layouts have shifted from traditional cubicles and workstations to multi-faceted concepts allowing businesses to be more cost effective and flexible with their space. This trend in office design provides the benefit of adapting to an ever-changing workplace while offering employees more options in their working environment.


Modular Solutions from Brook Furniture Rental


As office walls disappear, collaborative spaces have become increasingly more important. Tech-savvy workers who have engaged with technology and social media most of their lives want to interact and collaborate with co-workers in an open environment, but still need personal space. The new collaborative workplace has given rise to a new demand for flexible, modular office furniture that can be easily moved, mixed, and adjusted to adapt to dynamic needs.


Height Adjusting Benching from Brook Furniture Rental


Technology allows access to data, anytime, anywhere. Rental workstations are changing to work settings where employees can move from one to another depending on the tasks they are doing at the time. Workplace mobility requires office furniture design that can engage workers and easily adjust to a variety of requirements and accommodate different situations and in different locations. Modular furniture that can be moved and customized in various combinations offer effective solutions for a changing workplace environment.


“Sitting is the new smoking” became a saying in 2014 and has not lost momentum. Though workers have become more mobile, the fact remains that they spend a large amount of their day sitting down. More and more companies are prioritizing flexible, ergonomic furnishings, such as sit-to-stand desks as a way to reduce health issues due to a sedentary work style. Ergonomic strategies in furniture design that promote movement can nurture a healthier and more efficient workplace.

Sit-to-stand desk

Sit-To-Stand tables from Brook Furniture Rental

Meeting Zones:

Meeting zones are now playing a key role as part of the office culture. Meeting zones can act as a point of communication for employee interactivity and discussion, or simply as an area for relaxation. Soft seating furniture areas are being positioned in central areas alongside workstations, as well as traditional meeting rooms, to promote a sense of sharing and relaxed collaboration.

Renting: Recent research has found that the biggest challenge that many facility managers face is storing and disposing of outdated office furniture. Renting office furniture has become a cost-effective and sustainable solution for businesses that need to adapt and evolve with their changing needs.

Brook Furniture Rental offers a wide variety of office furniture from the newest ergonomic designs to traditional styles that reflect today’s business requirements.

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