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Is your community a Pokestop?

If you happen to see young people hanging outside with their heads in their phones, then there’s a good chance you are. It’s all part of Pokemon Go, a new augmented reality app developed and published by Niantic for iOS and Android devices.

In simple terms, Pokemon Go is a location-based game that uses Google Maps and your phone’s GPS and clock to detect where you are. It then simulates a map of your current surroundings and makes Pokemon “appear” around you (on your phone screen) as you move from location to location. The goal of the game is to capture, battle, and train them as many Pokemon as you can.

Part of the app’s features include Pokestops set up at specific physical locations where users can collect items like eggs and extra Pokeballs, which are used to capture more Pokemon. There are also PokeGyms, places where users can battle their Pokemon against the Pokemon of other players. Many real estate businesses and apartment communities are seeing an increased flow of traffic, and many retail locations and restaurants are taking advantage of being a PokeStop by creating innovative ways to get players in the door.

So, if you happen to be a PokeStop, or just want to create some fun for your Pokemon Go resident players, here are a few ideas to take advantage of the Pokemon Go craze.


  1. If you happen to be a PokeStop or have a PokeGym nearby, why not advertise it outside your community and on your social media networks? Offer players free snacks and refreshments and welcome them to your community. It takes five minutes for supplies to regenerate, which is just enough time to pitch them on all your great features.
  2. Along with a fun sign outside, place one on your office door identifying your community as a PokeStop.
  3. Generate some fun and purchase a Pokemon Costume that you or one of your staff can wear about your community or at social events. Residents will like your participation.
  4. Develop some Pokemon Go marketing campaigns. Many communities are waiving the resident application fee for Pokemon Go players while others are offering Visa and Google gift cards for players who have reached a certain level in the game when they sign a lease.
  5. Host a Catch-‘Em All pizza party or barbecue. Ask residents to invite their friends and offer prizes to the top players.
  6. Throw down a “lure” at an open house event. Pokemon Go offers in-app purchases and lures are a powerful way to attract players to your community for 30 minutes. Provide refreshments and take screenshots of the Pokemon they capture that you can post on your social media to show how fun your community is.

While you may not get an abundance of signed leases immediately, Pokemon Go is an excellent way to increase resident retention and create some buzz for future tenants.

A brook Connect Event is a great way to take advantage of a Pokemon Go marketing campaign for your community. To find out more, visit the Brook Advantage website or contact us at 877.285.7368.

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