What kind of flooring do you have in your new or temporary home? People have preferences for certain types of flooring over others.

During winter, a great way to make up for the cold wood floors is to use rugs. By simply adding a rug to the living room or dining room, will help eliminate the coldness that wood floors often emit in the winter.

Wood floors in main living quarters tend to be ideal. Wood flooring is a great asset in a home. But have you realized the one downside to wood floors? Think about how they feel in winter- cold! Wood floors tend to not have the same cozy, warm feeling as carpet. However, carpeting throughout a whole home is not always favored.

Brook Furniture Rental has an expansive collection of rugs for rent that can be incorporated throughout your home. The great thing about our collection of rugs is its versatility. There is a lot o variety—rugs of different colors, patterns and sizes. Finding one to complete the look of your home will not be hard.

What about the bathroom and kitchen—are they tiled? Tile can feel even colder than wood. We also offer smaller rugs for rent that will fit perfectly in a bathroom or kitchen.

At Brook Furniture Rental you have options when it comes to the length of your rental term. You may choose to rent rugs only for the winter months. This way your feet can stay warm throughout winter, but you can also enjoy the richness of the wood floors during the warmer months.

Consider renting a rug this winter and take a look at our online collection. You may fill out the furniture request form or give us a call at 877.285. 7368.

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