It has been said that college is the best four years of someone’s life. You can also assume that money will never be tighter than when in college. Going to a college away from home brings on financial concerns that are inevitable.

College dorms usually come furnished, however, most students only live in the dorms for a year or two. Then what do you do? Move into your first apartment with your friends. The glitz and glamour of getting your first apartment fade quickly when the pressure of getting furniture settles in. There are options to how you can furnish your college apartment.

The most obvious option is to purchase new furniture. This tends to be the most desired, but not always the most practical option. New furniture comes with a large price tag. Another option is to get furniture from a secondhand store. This is a way to get furniture for less money. Some students also bring extra furniture from their home to college with them.

The problem with these options is where to store the furniture when not in use. If you have to move out come the start of summer and can’t move in again till august, where do you store all your furniture? You have to find a place to store it all, which usually costs money.

If you have friends who live permanently near campus, you could ask them to store it for you. But, most people do not have room to store a bed, a table, chairs, and a TV. A way to avoid the challenge of storage is to not have furniture to store. What kind of furniture could this be? Rental furniture. You can rent furniture for a specific amount of time, which  eliminates the frustrations of moving in and moving out. ? Furnishing your first college apartment was never easier.

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