For many companies, relocation has become a fact of their operating existence. With a need to diversify their talent pool, moving employees from one location to another has become a cost-effective way to sustain their changing business needs. With relocation comes the need for temporary corporate housing and associated furnishings. In today’s working environment, short-term furniture rental has now become the best way to provide a stress-free and successful move for the transferee.

Employee Profile

Deciding whether or not to rent furniture for a temporary living space can be influenced based on the employee profile. A younger, single professional or college graduate will probably be delighted with a stylishly furnished apartment, while an established executive may prefer to ship the family’s belongings to the new destination.


Acquiring temporary living spaces for employees makes sense for six-month to one-year short-term assignments, especially when they will be returning to their previous location. Rather than deal with the hassle of packing up their belongings, a transferee will welcome the convenience of moving into a furnished apartment with all the comforts of home.


The high cost of shipping furniture and household goods can be a substantial expense when it comes to relocation. There can be added costs of hotel stays while waiting for furniture to arrive, combined with the stress put on employees who are trying to adjust to their new surroundings. A more cost-effective solution, especially in short-term assignments, is to explore the option of storing the transferee’s belongings and providing rental furniture for their new location.


One size does not fit all. Existing furniture can be a challenge based on the size of the temporary living space. In an effort for companies to find the best living accommodation in the right location with the perfect amenities, size may be the one factor that is sacrificed. Rather than deal with the frustration of furniture that is not suitable and short-term storage situations, renting furniture can provide the perfect style and fit.


Many relocations are time sensitive. Moving existing furniture or purchasing new furnishings can be a time-consuming effort regarding establishing the employee in a “ready to go” productive environment. Renting furniture gives the benefit of providing a comfortable living space immediately for whatever length of time is required.

 Brook Furniture Rental specializes in temporary transition. We provide rental furniture for apartments and homes for employees and their families in temporary living situations, including furnishings, appliances, electronics, accessories down to necessary linens. For more information, visit our website of contact us at 877. 285.7368


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