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February is the month of love and Valentines Day is the perfect day to show your tenant’s how much you appreciate them. Here are some simple ideas to help you create the perfect Valentines Day event.

1. Hold a Valentines Day Party.

Visit your local dollar store to get some inexpensive decorations for your party room. Order in heart-shaped pizzas with refreshments and encourage tenants to bring a Valentines Day card to drop in a bowl for everyone to pick from.

2. Organize a Candy Gram.

A Valentine Candy Gram is a great way to get to know your residents. Print and place a candy gram on each resident’s door before Valentine’s Day. On Valentine’s Day, place a large bowl of individually wrapped Valentine inspired candies and chocolates in the leasing office and invite tenant’s to drop in to share.

valentines-day cupcakes

3. Create a Valentine’s Day Bake Sale.

Invite your tenant’s to bake their favourite goodies decorated for Valentines Day. Price each dessert a $5.00 and donate all the proceeds to your company fundraiser.

4. Organize a Valentine’s Dinner Raffle for Two.

Even if you are single, who doesn’t like a free dinner. Create a Valentines Day flyer that you can email to your tenants inviting them to drop by your office to pickup a ticket for the draw. Choose a restaurant that would be comfortable for couples or singles.

5. Pin a Heart on Every Tenant’s Door.

Ask each tenant to write in one sentence what they would wish for on Valentines Day. Gather up all the hearts and display them on a large poster board. Have tenant’s vote on their favorite one and give the one with the most votes a Valentines Day gift basket.

Events like this enable tenants to get to know each other, strengthen the community spirit and can help you as a property manager create a closer relationship with them!

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