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Be it a short- or long-term arrangement, many businesses choose to rent office furniture in order to save on upfront capital costs and streamline operating revenues. Brook Furniture Rental feels that finding new rental office furniture should be a simple process, which is why we offer a diverse selection of high-quality office furniture rental options sure to fit any industry. Below we have outlined some basic steps that can help determine how much and what type of rental office furniture will best fit the needs of the business and employees.

What Type of Business are You?

Are you an established business or a startup? Think about the tasks your employees and management staff need to perform. What furniture requirements do they need to comfortably and efficiently fulfill their daily routines? Speak to your team and make a list of features to ensure the style and function of the furniture you choose will be suitable. Many work spaces today have become increasingly collaborative, resulting in furniture that fulfill numerous functions. Rental cubicles and workstations are a very popular choice with our business clients.

 What Type of Space Needs to be Furnished?

Is the space traditional or modern? There are many furniture styles and designs available to suit any space. The furniture you choose should complement the type of space and reflect the culture of the company, all while delivering the functionality required. This is particularly important in your entryway, which is why Brook proudly offers reception area furniture rental services designed to make your business look great.

Walk-Through Evaluation.

The next step is to evaluate how much furniture is required for your business. Do a walk through, measure, and document the list of furniture requirements for each space. It is important when dealing with major work areas that require workstations to accommodate for the need to grow your staff.

Create a Floor Plan

Your next consideration is to make sure the office furniture you rent will actually fit in the space you plan to put it. Make a simple diagram of your office and measure the space you have available. For example, if you only have four feet of wall space to fit a desk, make sure you note that in your plan.

Determine Your Budget

Set a realistic budget that will ensure you meet the needs to your business without hampering your success. Look beyond the price tag. Cost is just one factor of your rental. Other aspects can make a big difference and even generate their own costs. Delivery agreements, scheduling and other factors can make a rental deal more valuable for your business. In addition, you should consider ergonomics, which is a growing concern across many industries. You will need to assess the value of ergonomic chairs, desks, work stations, etc. in contrast to cost factors. Brook’s large selection of rental office chairs includes ergonomic options!

Research Office Furniture Rental Companies

Not all office furniture rental companies are created equal. Investigate their leasing options, service agreements, support and most of all their reputation. Look for one that can offer the most long term value and one that can structure a rental solution according to your business requirements and budget.

Arrange Delivery

When you have made a decision, getting the timing right is key. Make sure the furniture rental company can offer convenient and timely installation, something which Brook Furniture Rental proudly provides to each and every customer.

Brook Furniture Rental works closely with our clients to understand what you and your business need, assists with selecting the best furnishings for your unique goals, and coordinates the delivery schedule to match your plan. Every aspect of our services relates to The Brook Promise, our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

For more information on Brook Furniture Rental’s selection of office furniture, workstations, rentable desks, reception furnishings, and other available items, contact our office furniture rental team by calling 877-285-7368. Brook Furniture Rental appreciates the opportunity to work with your business and provide the best rental furniture possible.


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