If you’re planning on or in the process of selling your home, Brook Furniture Rental would like to take this opportunity to share a few tips on staging a home to help ensure your home sells quickly and at the best price.

First, many experts suggest you take down personal photos. You may think this seems strange in the assumption that personal photos would make the home appear friendly and warm. However, experts tend to believe that personal photos are a distraction and take away from the potential of the home for others.  Instead, try renting artwork or wall decorations that help improve the room.

Along that same line, remove personal items that may be special or interesting to you but may not be to a potential buyer. Also avoid slogans or opinionated items that are on display (i.e. sports memorabilia). Someone viewing your home may not have the same opinions as you and these items could be a subtle turnoff.

Next, accentuate what you think is the home’s best features.  Maybe it’s a staircase or bookshelf or a view of the backyard from the kitchen.  Whatever it is, make sure that stands out so that it will catch the eye of prospective buyers.

Ok, this next one seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many people make the mistake of not cleaning the house or getting rid of clutter! A dirty and cluttered home obviously makes it look uncared for and uninviting – and many people can’t look past it to see the home’s real potential.

Some realtors never sell a home without having fresh baked cookies or bread on display. Not only is it tasty but also looks and smells good to those touring the home. If you don’t want to put out these goodies then it’s not a bad idea to use scented candles or oils throughout the house.   Again, it’s the subtle touches to make your space feel like home.

So what about the furniture? You want to make sure rooms don’t have too much of it. Even if you like lots of furniture in a room, you may want to take some out when you stage a home to sell. This makes the room look bigger, have more openness and flow. Obviously, you don’t want the room to have too little furniture that it looks barren. More often, the mistake people make is having too much furniture which distracts and affects the perception of space in a room.

Another great tip is to make sure the furniture is not pushed up against the walls. Moving it away from the walls is another tried and true method of making a room look bigger while maintaining the flow throughout.

Finally, if you have time, a coat of paint on the walls never hurts. Fresh paint gives a room that clean look and always helps to give it a boost. Remember to use neutral paint tones as bold colors, if not to the viewers liking, can be a turn off. Some people have a hard time envisioning a space’s potential, so do all you can to help them out.

These are just a few, but important, tips on the art of staging a home for a quick sale. Furthermore, if it’s rental furniture you need, Brook Furniture Rental would be pleased to help you get that look and style that will help you sell your home fast. Contact us today at 1.877.285.7368 or visit our website at www.bfr.com for all your furniture rental needs!

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