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Many landlords and apartment complexes lose time and money by not staging their rentals. Obviously, this can be much easier if a complex has lots of units to use as a potential model unit.

Large, luxury complexes can often afford to have several, if not all, of their various floor plans available as staged models to show potential renters.

If this isn’t possible, the next best idea for many complexes is to use one apartment for a combined leasing office and model apartment. You can use one of the apartments and set aside one of the rooms as the office. It will at least give potential renters a sense of the size, space, and layout. A second bedroom, den, or a family room would work best for the office.

If you are a private landlord and have only one or a few rental units available, it becomes a bit tougher to stage. The most inconvenient would be to have a storage unit full of furniture that you set up each time one tenant leaves and the unit hits the rental market again. This isn’t always practical or cost effective.

A better idea, and one that can even be used in complexes that just don’t have the space for a model apartment, is to have each type of unit professionally staged before listing it for rent the first time (or in between tenants if you are already using it as a rental).

You can rent furniture to stage the apartment with flexible time frames to suit your vacancy rates. A great idea is to then take professional photos of the staged unit that you can feature on your website or create a virtual tour that you can email to them.

This way, when renters come to look at the place, they can at least see what the layout looks like with actual furniture in the space.

Don’t forget to take external pictures, especially if you have a complex. This shows how well it is maintained and any featured amenities that are offered.

What’s the best way to stage an apartment? Demonstrate to renters how the unit space can be utilized. Keep it simple, tasteful, and neutral. You want it to have some personality, but the type that would appeal to a large number of buyers. Stay away from strong colors, except as accents or in small doses, and keep the style from being too specific.

You don’t want all white, beige, and cream either. There are many shades of colors that can be used as neutrals. One tip to keep in mind is that the stronger the color, the less of it you want to use. A mid-toned shade is great on an accent wall and in a few accessories. A really strong color is best left for accessories. Lighter mid-tones and light tones can be used more abundantly.


Don’t forget to add things like window treatments, plants, wall art, and a few tasteful accessories.

If you have multiple units, rent more furniture than you need for just one apartment Why? Use it to mix and max when you take pictures and stage each type of unit. If you staged an entire one-bedroom, only stage one other bedroom in another unit that has 2 or 3 bedrooms. You don’t have to redo the entire rest of the unit. If you a few different floor plans that vary greatly, you may want to stage a few or even all of them (if possible), depending on the number of different floor plans and how much they vary.

This may sound like an unnecessary expense or a waste of time to some landlords, but statistics show it does help complexes rent units faster. For those units where rent is negotiable, usually the private rentals, staging has been shown to bring in higher rents and more dependable and reliable tenants. You will get back your investment in time, money, and stress reduction. Don’t underestimate this important part of advertising a rental.

Also, remember that this is often a one time expense that will pay for itself again and again over the years.

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