The white sofa can be chic, sophisticated, and most certainly stunning. Whether your style is traditional or ultra-modern, white furniture is probably one of the most versatile color schemes for any décor. Like a blank canvas, white can be transformed with the addition of coordinating colors, accessories, and textures. Whether you choose to rent from our elegant white leather collection or a sofa in soft off-white upholstery, Brook Furniture Rental offers the styles to compliment any interior space. We thought we would start the New Year off with a look at some decorating ideas for the timeless look of white furniture that never goes out of style.

Choose a Palette

No matter what style of home furniture you rent, it’s important to establish the space you have to work with, the color of your floors, the lighting and the overall palette of the room you are designing. White furniture offers unlimited possibilities, but first, decide on the “feel” you want to create that reflects your personality. Here, a beautiful off-white sectional, dark floors, and subtle touches of contrasting color used throughout the room is combined to create a dramatic, relaxed setting.

Area Rugs

White leather furniture stands the test of time. Bring out the beauty of pure white with contrasting hues of color by introducing bold, patterned area rugs, cushions and coordinating wall colors. Depending on your space, the addition of matching pieces and ottoman creates a complete look that is incredibly sophisticated yet open and inviting. The introduction of cool chrome metallic accessories exemplifies the fresh feel of this room.

Add Textures

For that perfect loft, nothing is more appealing than modern white leather. To bring a sense of warmth and comfort to a space, introduce textures such as faux fur pillows, throws, natural wood, and complimentary upholstered pieces.


Why limit white rental furniture to the living room? Set off this year’s trending upholstered bedheads and frames with matching sofas and loveseats for a truly glamorous look. Bold artwork, linens, and coordinating accessories in a rich color scheme of jewel tones bring the room together creating a refined atmosphere.

Pillows and Patterns

Contemporary white furniture is the perfect backdrop to play with colorful cushions and patterns. When working with a chosen palette, mix and match the hues throughout the room and consider painting an accent wall in one of the dominant contrasting colors.

Small Spaces

Nothing is more adaptable for a small space than a gorgeous white loveseat. To enhance the size of the room, neutral wall colors and lots of glass accessories work to keep the space airy and appear much larger than it is. Remember, simple, elegant and less is more is the perfect combination in dealing with small spaces.

Be Original

Don’t be afraid to be original. Black and white is a bold classic style that can either be cool and eclectic or modern and chic. Brook’s selection of fabulous rental furniture accessories in lamps, artwork, cushions and rugs offer endless possibilities to be creative and express your personal style.

Images: Brook Furniture Collections

High quality, endless styles, amazing accessories, that’s Brook Furniture! Why not visit our collections online or contact us at 877.285.7368 for more information.

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