Stagers know why it’s important to stage a home before selling it. It could be the factor that helps it finally sell. But, we have a question for stagers everywhere: are you running out of ideas on how to stage? If so, check out these tips for new fresh ways to stage homes from Brook Furniture Rental, one of the top home & apartment staging companies in the US!

Consider how the master bedroom is being portrayed. You don’t want to have the master bedroom appeal to only men or only women. You can start by painting the walls a neutral color. This will help to make the room seem inviting to anyone. Second, get rid of any furniture or decorations that seem to only register with one gender. Finally, be sure to rent a queen-size bed to show off the room’s proportions and what it will look like with a nice bed.

Home buyers are interested in the flow of the house. They want to see that they can move freely in an open floor plan. One way to enhance the flow of the house is to use more circular shaped furniture. If there is not one already in the home, simply rent a circular kitchen table for the house. This is an easy and affordable way to make your home seem more open to buyers.Instead, decorate the room and implement furniture that matches with the new wall color and will be able to be enjoyed by everyone.

Another way to open up rooms of the house is to bring the furniture away from the walls. There is a commonly practiced idea that putting furniture around and against walls make rooms appear bigger. But, that is not the case. By putting furniture in groups towards the center of rooms it will seem more spacious. Consider organizing rented living room furniture in a way that utilizes the middle area of the room.

Think about transforming areas of the house that aren’t really used for much into cozy, personally appealing rooms. This can be done by simply adding a rug, lamp or chair. These little additions can really transform the feel of a room. A room can go from a traditional study area to a warm, inviting room to read and relax.

Replacing kitchen cabinets might not be in your client’s budget. However, there are still changes that can be made to make them more aesthetically appealing. Give them a new paint job. Choose a color that will brighten up the kitchen giving a welcoming feeling. You can always change the knobs and handles. This is a good, affordable way to give the kitchen a new up-to-date look and add some character.

If the house has oddly shaped and weird or awkward spaces, try to decorate them to be functional. This can be done by adding in a desk or a bookshelf in those areas. Or if space does not allow for that, artwork and lamps will also help. Renting these pieces is very easy and affordable. Don’t let these spaces control the atmosphere. Stage them like you would do any other room.

These staging tips can have an enormous impact on transforming homes into more appealing properties. Everything about a home does not have to be changed in order to sell it. It is all about making the right changes. Making simple adjustments like adding in a lamp or a chair or moving couches can make or break a sale.

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