For over 35 years, Brook Furniture Rental has served a unique and wide client base with exceptional service. Brook Furniture Rental is the preferred home and office furniture rental company when it comes to helping customers furnish and arrange their home or office with high quality, stylish furniture.

Arranging furniture sounds simple enough, but there are some basics you should know. We’d like to share just a few tips on how to arrange furniture to ensure the space looks its best.

First of all, if the room is not furnished and you’re planning on buying or renting home furniture, then you should definitely know the dimensions of the room. This makes it easier to envision and select furniture since the furniture can vary by size and shape.  Also, if you are ever in doubt about unusual dimensions of one of your door opening or entry ways, now would be the time to measure that too.

If you want a room to give off a feel of serenity, quiet and relaxation, it’s ideal to keep all the furniture the same height. However, if you want a room to display energy then the furniture should be not only different sizes but different heights.  This little tip can work magic for a room!

The room is your canvas.  Stand in the entry way to begin to gain perspective on the foreground, mid-ground, and background of a room.  Try placing furniture in the room in a way that invites you to sit into it, whether at an angle, or turned to focus on another part of the room. Medium sized furniture items, like rental couches or loveseats, can often work well as the mid-ground and often times. You can also align your furnishings to create your own vantage point which draws the guest into the room in any number of ways.

Many people like to use area rugs to fill a space or add a splash of color or texture. If you do use a rented area rug, parts of the rug should be under furniture.  Whether it’s a sofa, chairs, table, all of the above, the area rug should lay under furniture.

Coffee tables should be as large as your space will allow. This really helps tie a room together.  If you are restricted on space then try to using a coffee table that is long and narrow.

The sofa doesn’t always have to go up against a wall. Often times it can go in the center and divide the room into halves. This one requires experimentation to see if the placement looks and feels right, so don’t be afraid to shift things around once in awhile!

These are just a few simple tips, but hopefully, can help you in arranging your furniture so it looks its best. If you’d like some help or want to try something new, contact Brook Furniture Rental today at 1.877.285.7368!

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