Every day, more than 10,000 baby boomers turn 65. The 76-million-strong demographic, born between 1946 and 1964, means that up to as many as six million who will be looking for an apartment community geared to their boomer lifestyle. These statistics are good news for the senior housing industry.

But, should you designate your community as seniors housing? Perhaps not.

According to Margaret Wylde, CEO of ProMatura, a global market research firm specializing in 55+ consumers, a community should not use the term “Senior Housing.” Instead, they should establish a brand and promote the community as a great place to live with all the available services and great staff while avoiding the senior designation. “It’s not right, and it’s not want customers want,” said Ms. Wylde.

Further insight from the study conducted by ProMatura, in conjunction with ASHA (American Seniors Housing Association), found that larger apartments with lots of storage, along with social interaction, were key contributors to overall satisfaction beyond the expected amenities, such as a pool or movie theater.

What’s Most Important?

Another study conducted by the AARP found that access to transportation, food, and green space top the list as to what amenities boomers want close to home. With a goal of independent living, the 55+ consumer wants mobility with access to facilities for healthy foods, medicine, and parks to sustain a physical lifestyle.

Bus Stop – 50%

Grocery Store – 47%

Pharmacy/Drug Store – 42%

Park – 42%

Hospital – 29%

Church/Religious – 29%

And as for activities, forget the sing-alongs, the local banjo concert, or shuffleboard. Today’s boomer generation is redefining aging. They have more money, are more sophisticated, and are more technically savvy and healthier than past generations. They expect more diversified amenities, including high-speed Internet and WIFI, large pool decks, roof-top patios, pet runs, fitness centers, and stylish common rooms with high-end furnishings and organized activities.

More than anything, the 55+ consumer wants to be independent, comfortable, and lead an active lifestyle. Today’s adult communities are responding by creating new communities that provide the space and environment designed to satisfy this growing demographic.

The Brook Advantage program is designed to help communities market their properties with Connect Events, digital marketing, videos as well as fabulous model suites that generate new lease-ups. For more information, visit the Brook Advantage website, or contact us at 877.285.7368.

Photo: Courtesy of Aliso Creek Apartments

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