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The priorities important to today’s urban workforce are driving companies to reshape their workspace environments. Connected by an onslaught of digital information with a focus on health and well-being, this mobile generation has developed new and interesting priorities in their workplace choices. While companies must always offer excellent benefits regarding remuneration and recognition, they must also deliver the amenities demanded by a workforce that can pick and choose what will be the most fulfilling to their livelihood.


Employees are not one-size-fits-all, so the workspace shouldn’t be, either. The balance between privacy and collaboration must be taken into account when designing the mix between open concept and private offices. Take into consideration the type of tasks and responsibilities your employees need to perform and the culture you are trying to create. Today’s trend towards open-concept workspaces makes sense. It promotes collaboration, social interaction, and creativity, but noise and distraction can be a factor. As an example, for employees who regularly answer phone calls, a private office is more suitable. A good mix of open-concept layouts, private meeting rooms, and single-occupant offices can often provide the perfect flexibility for a happy working environment.

Natural Lighting:

Natural light is one of the top must-haves for any workspace environment. Research has found that it not only promotes a sense of well-being, but can add to employee behavior, productivity, and satisfaction. If your office space lacks the benefit of natural light, artificial lighting is the next best thing. Use full-spectrum bulbs that simulate daylight and create a soft-light atmosphere.



Culture is an amalgamation of many things; office space and design, your brand’s values, employee satisfaction, and work ethics. Culture doesn’t just exist. It has to be developed, and the energy you put into it is the energy you will get back. Start with your employees’ well-being. Amenities like comfortable quiet-time spaces, adequate lunch rooms, recreation such as billiards or ping pong, happy hours, educational training, open dialog, and high-quality office furniture that promotes a healthy work style can all contribute to a productive working environment. When your employees love their job, then you’ll know that you’ve developed the right culture.

The Workspace:

The layout and setup of an office can contribute greatly to the overall productivity of your employees. Industry studies done on workplaces show that the physical environment is one of the most important factors affecting employee productivity, concluding that a well-designed office can increase productivity by about 20%. Productivity is not just important to the company – it’s important to employees. Employees want a workspace that is comfortable, yet inspiring.

Open-concept spaces offer the luxury of designing a workspace focused on modular desks and workstations that can easily adapt to change and employees needs.


With the ongoing focus on well-being, adjustable ergonomic chairs and desks, or optional sit-to-stand desks, are now becoming a priority. Movement is now a constant in many of today’s work environments, which means your office will require a number of agile areas where employees can collaborate, such as soft seating areas, glassed conference rooms, and quiet spaces that allow for better concentration, a private phone call, or just a place to take a break. As modular desk solutions prevail, storage is more important than ever in keeping the workspace clean and organized. A well-designed office is an investment that can pay off in employee productivity as well as happiness.

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