When you need furniture you don’t always have to buy it. Sometimes the best option is to rent the furniture you need – especially if the furniture is for a temporary home or office space. Brook Furniture Rental would like you to know 9 reasons why renting furniture is better than buying.

  1. No moving! We offer furniture rentals with a variety of rental lease terms. From three months to one year. This is ideal for people transitioning to a new home or job (or temporary reassignment). Renting furniture for this length of time means less hassle and less money than if you were to buy and then sell your furniture at the end of your stay. Furthermore, we can deliver it to your home and set it up before you arrive!
  2. Short term or long term options! Your location might change within two years. In other words, where you’re moving next may not be your permanent residence. It’s possible your job (or some other factor) will cause you to move within a couple of years, so renting furniture is definitely the an ideal option.
  3. Benefits to your business! Rental furniture can be a business expense or funded moving expense. Therefore, if the cost of your rental furniture will be reimbursed by your employer then it certainly makes the most economic sense. Purchasing furniture is usually not funded as a business expense because it’s seen as something you will keep permanently.
  4. Save time! Rental furniture ensures timely delivery. With rental furniture, your pieces are often available immediately and can be delivered and set up in homes or offices within a few days.
  5. Stylish! Rental furniture helps you express your personal style. Brook Furniture Rental keeps up with the latest furniture trends and offers them for rent to our clients. Yes, you can also do this with bought furniture but rental furniture is easier to change on a regular basis and, therefore, allows you to change your style choice whenever you get the urge to do so.
  6. Comfortable! Rental furniture also helps you maintain your style through life’s transitions. For those going through a separation or divorce, rental furniture takes the burden off of a move which could be extremely difficult. We also work with a number of professional athletes who want to establish new and comfortable homes quickly and without the hassles of moving.
  7. Home sweet home! Rental furniture is every bit as stylish and quality built as purchased furniture. This can be very important to your overall mental well being – particularly if you’re staying somewhere for an extended period. You don’t want your home to feel like a hotel!
  8. Change! Finally, it’s much easier to change your furniture with the seasons when you rent. Maybe you like a different look in the winter than you do in the spring.
  9. The Brook Promise 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We’re sure you’ll love our furniture. But if for any reason you are unhappy with an item you receive, contact us within 1 week of delivery and we will replace the item(s) with furniture of equal value at no additional charge.

As you can see, there are several reasons  why renting furniture is an ideal solution to furnish a home or office. Call Brook Furniture Rental at 1-877-285-7368 to talk to one of our representatives or view our online catalog to start the rental process today.

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