Deck Your Halls with 12 Days of Brook Furniture

Deck Your Halls with 12 Days of Brook Furniture

It’s the holiday season, and it’s time to deck the halls of your home. In between trimming the tree and hanging the mistletoe, you may be wondering how you’ll pivot from gift wrapping to entertaining guests to finalizing last-minute work before you sign-off for vacay.

Each year, PNC shares its Christmas Price Index® detailing the cost of the dozen gifts from the classic holiday song. If your true love is bestowing all 12 gifts upon you this year, they’re looking at an estimated bill of $45,523.27 (a 10.5% increase over last year). Pricey! And that’s not to mention: Who is going to take care of those French hens, calling birds, geese-a-laying, and swans-a-swimming?

Brook doesn’t offer livestock rentals—but we do have affordable, flexible furniture rental solutions that are sure to dazzle any recipient and help make your holidays stress-free. Without further ado, and with inspiration from “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” we proudly present…

Brook’s Twelve Days of Furniture

On my journey to furnishing my home for the holidays, Brook delivered to me:

A partridge in a silk tree

silk tree

We may not have animals for rent, but Brook does have an extensive collection of houseplants to liven up your empty corners for a cozy vibe. And unlike your real Christmas tree, there’s no need to water or worry about falling leaves and needles! From ferns to trees to a living wall, a touch of greenery adds a breath of fresh air to any room.

Two matching lamps


The days are short and dark—let there be light! Illuminate your evenings with modern lighting options from Brook. Because the lights inside your house are just as important as the ones you’ve strung up outside.

Three barstools

bar stools at kitchen counter

Ever go to a holiday party where everyone is squeezed into the kitchen instead of spread out in other living spaces? Yeah, us too. If everyone is going to be gathered in the heart of your home, Brook has plenty of counter and bar stools to offer everyone a seat.

Four comfy chairs

four dining chairs

Not sure where to put all those incoming holiday guests? Give them the gift of comfort, without sacrificing style. Brook has chairs in all shapes and sizes, perfect for chatting, lounging, and sipping eggnog.

Five golden things

gold pieces of decor and furniture

There’s no better time of year than the holidays to add some glam to your décor. Shimmer things up with silver and gold—mixing metallics from Brook’s wide selection of accessories and finishes will turn heads, no matter what your style is.

Six mirrors shining

mirrors on sideboard

New Year’s Eve is often a time of self-reflection, figuratively and literally. We can help with the latter. Not only does Brook boast a bevy of beveled mirrors for any room in your space, but we also have accent pieces with extra shine.

Seven birds a-perching

birds on wall art

Every good holiday party needs a statement piece. Add a point of interest with art on the wall, whether it’s simple lines or a whirlwind of texture and color.

Eight diners dining

dining chairs at table

What are the holidays without gathering around the table for a hearty meal? Make sure there’s plenty of options It’s not the holidays if you’re not gathered around the table for a hearty meal. Brook has a whole menu’s worth of dining room options with plenty of space for mom, dad, grandma, brother, third cousins, and a neighbor or two.

Nine cocktails crafted

bar cart for entertaining

Cheers to a happy and healthy new year! If you’re planning to craft some impressive cocktails—or just sneak an extra pour of wine for yourself between courses—you’ll need a sleek and stylish bar cart.

Ten pictures hanging

wall art on display

Remember day seven? Make an even louder statement by taking a simple piece of art and multiplying it. Whoever said less is more was missing out.

Eleven emails drafted

writing desk for working at home

Is there any greater feeling than hitting “OK” on that out-of-office message?? Wrap up those last-minute tasks from your trusty work-from-home desk (also useful for writing letters to Santa).

Twelve naps a-taken

stylish bedroom

Holiday burnout is real, especially when you’re rushing around trying to nail every last detail. Take a well-earned nap (or two) on a super comfortable bed—and let the visions of sugarplums commence.

Happy furnishing to all, and to all a good night!