How to Optimize Your Listing With Home Staging

Thinking of putting your home on the market? Is it ready to be seen by potential homebuyers? If the answer is “no,” or you don’t think so, consider how home staging services could help get your home looking sharp and full of potential. Brook Furniture Rental has been supplying staging furniture for homes for many years.

Our showroom quality rental furniture is perfect for showing homebuyers your home’s potential.  Many people do not fully understand what home staging is or why it should be done. That is why we want to take this opportunity to explore 5 FAQs about home staging:

What does a home stager/designer do?

A home stager is a design professional who assists a realtor and/or homeowner in identifying a home’s strengths and accentuating them. The stager will offer advice and recommend services to enhance the marketability of the home.

Do I have to hire a home stager?

No, but we recommend that you carefully consider the advantage of using a professional for this. Most real estate professionals agree that, at a minimum, a homeowner should engage in an initial consultation from a staging professional before taking on the task themselves. Stagers close to your home can be found in our staging directory. How much does home staging cost? You do not have to spend a fortune to stage your home for sale. It can be as inexpensive as simply removing clutter, or as costly as hiring an entire team that includes a professional stager, landscaper, and contractor or handyman. Costs can range from $500 and up, depending on services rendered.

When considering the cost of staging, it is just as important to factor in the expected value of staging: typically, a quicker home sale at a higher price. Your local stagers will have specific statistics for staging results within your market.

Do I have to stage an entire home?

No. But do consider the overall image that will be presented to potential buyers. A few carefully arranged vignettes can enhance the look of any home for sale. An especially attractive room might even draw attention away from a home’s weaknesses. Keep in mind that any glaring contrasts between staged areas and those that have not been staged may highlight negative aspects of the home.

What rooms should I focus on staging?

Experts agree that main living areas sell a home. We recommend focusing on formal living rooms, dining rooms and family rooms. Additionally, you should address any room that the future homeowner may find challenging to furnish, including porches, patios, entryways, mud rooms, and any additions.

To learn more, visit the home staging section of our website. We offer great home staging tips and other helpful resources for how to stage your home successfully.