A Place to Call Home in Times of Transition

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We probably have all experienced transition. Times where life-changing events occur and we find ourselves in an uncertain territory for better or worse. No matter what the reason, the one thing we all need is a place to call home when we are “on the move”.

Moving to a New Area:

Most people will move at least once in their lifetime. In fact, a person living in the United States is expected to move 11.4 times in their lifetime. Whether it be downsizing, marital status change, a new job or a family situation, moving has become a part of our lives. Though the Internet can provide a wealth of information, moving to a new city or neighborhood needs to be experienced in person. A good decision is to rent a temporary accommodation for the period of transition enabling you to explore options and make a qualified decision on permanent housing choices.

Between Housing:

We have all heard of Murphy’s’ Law, “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.” The buying and selling of a home is a complicated process which includes many unexpected challenges. Closing dates do not coincide with expected moving dates, sellers change their mind, or unexpected repairs arise leaving you between homes for an uncertain period-of-time. If your new home is not ready to be occupied or you find yourself searching for a new one, a short-term lease can offer a “home away from home” through the transition period.

Home Renovation

Home Renovation:

So, you’re embarking on a home renovation. Though the idea may be exciting, the actual process can cause considerable family disruption. Many homeowners do not realize the noise, dust, and lack of privacy that a home renovation entails. Add contractor delays and last-minute changes, and you may find yourself close to insanity. If you discover your home has become uninhabitable for an extended length of time, you may want to consider alternative living arrangements to eliminate the stress and intrusion on your family.

Furniture Rental

There are many reasons where temporary accommodations make sense. No matter what the situation, the goal is to find and create a comfortable space that you can call home, where you can relax, work and carry on with your life through the transition period. In many cases, a short-term rental home or apartment may be vacant or partially furnished, but it’s hard to justify the substantial investment of purchasing new furniture. That’s where Brook Furniture Rental comes in.

Brook Furniture Rental offers a world of options. Quality furniture, housewares, and electronics all designed to turn the temporary into the extraordinary.

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