Add Pizzazz With Color

Add Pizzazz With Color

Decorating with neutral colors is still a timeless approach to achieving a classic look, but a monochromatic theme is also the perfect palette for introducing splashes of color and textures to a room.

8 Ways to Add Color to Your Home

From, bold, colorful rugs and throw pillows to fabulous artwork and accessories, these finishing touches transform your space into a home. Here are eight easy and fun ways to add color pizzazz to your living space.

Paint an accent wall

Bedroom Blue Accent Wall

A sure way to add color and flair to a room is by painting an accent wall. Depending on your decorating scheme, consider what hue will work best to achieve a cohesive feel. Choosing a complementary color found in your accessories or artwork can create a stunning backdrop for your décor.

Add comfort with accent pillows

accent Pillows

Throw pillows are probably one of the easiest methods to add pops of color to a room. Whether they be in bold patterns or classic earthy textures, accent pillows are the perfect finishing touch to bring elegance, fun, and comfort to any sofa or chair.

Razzle and dazzle with stylish rugs

Throw Rugs

Warm and inviting rugs are essential for adding color and texture to a room. Rugs in bright geometric patterns or vivid hues placed strategically beneath a coffee table or dining area will introduce a splash of color without disturbing the rest of your décor. A good idea is to follow a color theme and match the hues found in your accent pillows, throws, and accessories to create a unified style.

Revitalize your bedding


Pop up your neutral bedroom style by adding some interest and color with bedding décor. Mix and match multi-textured pillows in patterns, solids, or even faux fur complimented by one or two bold blankets that will accentuate the rest of your decorating theme.

Add some foliage

Dining Room-foliage

Whether you choose traditional or modern furnishings, dressing your space up with natural foliage adds color, personality, and of course, fragrance. Depending on your lifestyle and green thumb ability, don’t shy away from some of the fabulous artificial arrangements that are available.

Make a statement with a bold sofa

Eileen-w-Collin sofa

The advantage of renting furniture is that you can experiment without the permanent investment. Always dreamed of a modern tuxedo style sofa for your living room? Choose an attention-getting piece in a bright, fun hue and then compliment with a coordinated rug and accessories for the ultimate wow factor.

Mix in the perfect accessories


Single pieces or a grouping of accessories can add the finishing touches to a room by introducing subtle or vibrant hues to your decorating scheme. Introduce different textures with ceramic vases, metallic accents or glass to add pops of color and personality plus.

Turn your space into an art gallery


Whether you’re planning a modern neutral decorating scheme or leaning towards traditional, artwork adds a decorative touch and color to the blank canvas of your walls. You can personalize your space with a few dramatic pieces or consider curating a wall to develop a continuous gallery-like environment of shapes and colors. Think bold prints, textures, and mixed-media to create focal points above a sofa, headboard, or in a dining room.

Bottom Line

Whatever manner you choose to add pizzazz to your space, with Brook you will find only the highest quality furniture and accessories, from traditional to modern, to suit your taste. We’ve made the rental process fast and easy, so you can get the furniture and décor you need to be delivered when and where you want it.

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