Back to School: Work Smarter with Rental Furniture

Back to School: Work Smarter with Rental Furniture

It's Back to School season — and college campuses are filling up with students from near and far. Whether you're headed for a dorm, an off-campus house, or an apartment, you'll need to transform your space into a home. Somewhere to sleep, somewhere to eat, somewhere to sit, somewhere to study... these are just the basic necessities of everyday living while at school. It's a fun experience to hit the stores and shop for furniture and decor — but what about at the end of the school year? 

Furniture Conundrums for College Students

From August to May, college students make themselves comfortable in their home away from home while attending classes. Chances are, your campus living accommodation isn't your permanent one, and chances are even greater that your living situation will change every year while you're earning your degree. Apartment, house, or dorm? Elevator or stairs? Roommates or flying solo? There's a lot to factor in, and your furniture needs will fluctuate. Why commit yourself to items you may not need the coming year?

Aside from coordinating with roommates and guessing what you'll need at the start of year, what happens at the end of the school year? Are you going to drag your big box futon home? (Will you even have room for it in your car?) Not to mention your bed, TV, desk, dresser, and housewares. In the flurry of finals and move-out, you may not have time to figure out what to do with it all. Sadly, lots of folks turn to the simplest, fastest answer: throw it out. 

Dumpster Divers Dig In

Surprised? You shouldn't be. More than 12 million tons of furniture waste is generated by Americans each year, according to the most recent data from the EPA. And at 0.3%, the recycling rate for furniture is negligible at best. Nearly 10 million tons of it ends up in landfills on a yearly basis—accounting for more than 6% of total landfill accumulation (which, by the way, includes food waste and packaging materials).

The evidence is front and center on social media. Thousands of brand-new and like-new items are discarded in the hustle and bustle of college move-outs, as seen in these Tik Tok videos.

From hangers, décor, and cookware...

To clothing, appliances, and rugs...


Congestion is finally gone so I was able to record the voice over. #collegemoveout #reseller #thrift #dumpsterdiving #college #free #moveout

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To shelves, TVs, and futons...

It all adds up into piles of discarded items, which will likely end up in a landfill.

3 Reasons Why Students Should Rent Furniture

It can be difficult to plan ahead and anticipate your future needs, so why not choose an easier and more sustainable option? Brook makes it easy. So, why rent?


For the Flexibility

Whether you need some furniture just for a summer internship in a new city, or a whole school year, we’ve got you covered. We’ll deliver when and where you need it—in as little as 2 business days. Studying abroad for a semester? No problem. We've got a variety of lease terms (1, 2, 3, 6 or 12 months) to fit your life. You won't need to waste time (or money) on renting a storage unit or vehicle to lug about furniture you're not even sure you'll keep in the long run.

For the Ease

Just select your furniture, and let us do the rest—assembly, design, and pick-up included. And if you’re not in love? We offer free returns and exchanges within the first 7 days of your rental. When it's time to return your furniture, just contact Brook—and we'll schedule a convenient time to pick it up. And just like with delivery, let us worry about the heavy lifting. 

For a Sustainable Solution

Quick production and low-quality materials lead to frequent furniture purchases for those seeking cheap alternatives to more expensive, sustainable brands. And, especially for young consumers and renters, it’s often more convenient to toss that ramshackle chair or collapsing bookcase into the trash than pay to move a large item to a new location.

Brook’s rental model offers a more sustainable option, and we’re continuing to dedicate efforts to sourcing sustainable furniture using high-quality materials and products that last. We use lead-free, water-based paints and stains, low-volatile organic compound adhesives and finishes, and environmentally-friendly textiles. With thousands of furniture, décor, and houseware items to choose from, we really do have something for everyone, and every moment. 

Bottom Line

With thousands of furniture, décor, and houseware items to choose from, Brook really does have something for everyone, and every moment. Students — and parents — can avoid the headache of finding, purchasing, transporting, and building furniture. Plus, we've got convenient student furniture rentals packages to make life even easier! Let Brook handle the logistics, you handle the living.

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