Dream Up the Perfect Bedroom

Dream Up the Perfect Bedroom

 If there is one room that should surround you with ultimate comfort, then it has to be the bedroom. Your bedroom is a personal sanctuary, a space to rest and rejuvenate, and it's where you rise to face a new day.

Like other interior design trends, bedroom décor continually changes, but the same goal remains: Everything must work together to create a space with balance and harmony, to ensure you get your best night's sleep.

4 Signs of a Feel-Good, Functional Bedroom

We want our bedroom to look and feel beautiful, but it also needs to serve its intended purposes for rest and relaxation. Here are four features to include in your bedroom for ultimate functionality:

Natural Light


Blackout curtains are all well and good, but natural light is a must for its rejuvenation power. Waking with the sun helps us stay more in tune with our bodies. Plus, natural light makes it easier to assess colors when dressing and getting ready for the day. For spaces without numerous windows, search for stylish and functional lamps for much-needed light.



Your bedroom is also home to plenty of personal items. From clothing, to books, to linens, you need an appropriate space to store everything. Use beautiful and functional dressers, armoires, and nightstands to tuck away your essentials. Some bed frames even offer ample underbed storage with built-in drawers.



Blankets, sheets, drapes, and more! Each fabric tells a tale in your bedroom space—perhaps reflecting the season or color palette of the room. Whatever the materials you choose, cool linens, luxurious silks, or comforting Egyptian cotton, make sure they add to the coziness of your space. 



Second only to your bed itself, pillows are essential to your comfort. Consider your typical sleep position: Are you a side, stomach, or back sleeper? Do you prefer down feathers or foam? Don't skimp on the perfect pillow. Add on to the pile with additional pillows for a pleasant, picture-perfect bed. While adding a punch of color, extra pillows are beneficial for hugging while watching a movie or supplemental back support while sitting in bed. 

Bedroom Design Inspiration from Brook

Looking for dreamy bedroom inspiration? Brook's extensive bedroom furniture rental collection offers style and comfort in dozens of looks. Here are some of our favorites:




Bottom Line

Whether for yourself or for overnight guests, Brook can help you create a sanctuary of slumber with our wide selection of bedroom options. And with delivery in as little as 2 business days, you'll be resting easy in no time.

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