The Pitfalls of Big Box Furniture

The Pitfalls of Big Box Furniture

Picture this: You just moved and need some extra furniture to round out your new space. A bookshelf in your office, or maybe a media console for your living room. Perhaps you're undertaking a bedroom makeover, so you want to tackle DIY projects and builds to keep your costs down. Often, the first stop for folks is a big box retailer or friendly-neighborhood Swedish superstore to find what they need. But let's be honest: Is big box ready-to-assemble furniture the best solution?

3 Pitfalls of Ready-to-Assemble Furniture

There's no way around it: ready-to-assemble furniture is a hassle. Get ready to commit yourself to a full day of headaches. Drive to the big box store, hunt for the correct aisle with the thing you want, schlep thing from aisle to checkout to car to home... and then the real fun begins: assembly. An afternoon of subpar-quality furniture construction isn't our idea of fun. Here are three reasons to avoid big box furniture.

Poor Quality

No matter how much you try to convince yourself it looks like real wood, the particle board isn't fooling anyone. Rough finishes, fake wood grain, missing parts, poor packaging. You might find yourself needing to exchange the thing you just bought for another before you even get started. That wobbly bookshelf isn't going to withstand the test of time. Fast furniture is not built to last. If you decide to take it with you the next time you move, there's a slim chance it will survive the trip.

Why Rent: It’s an easy way to find high-quality pieces for your home or business. Brook invests in reliable, well-crafted furniture and décor made to last through multiple rentals. Plus, we make every effort to repair and refurbish damaged, worn items to extend the life of each piece. Renting is also an affordable option until you’re ready to invest in furnishings you’ll own for years to come. Sustainability matters.

A Waste of Time

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Are indecipherable instructions frustrating you? You're not alone. And you've got better things to do. This is the point where you may begin to experience MPRS, better known as Mid-Project Regret Syndrome. Everything may start out smoothly, until suddenly—it's not. Fooling around with tiny Allen wrenches and upside down parts isn't on our to-do list.

Why Rent: It saves you valuable time. Whether you need some furniture just for the summer, or a whole home for the year, we’ve got you covered with a variety of lease terms. We’ll deliver when and where you need it—in as little as 2 business days. Just select your furniture, and let us do the rest—assembly, design, and pick-up included. And you don't even need to leave the comfort of home to do it.

Serious Lack of Style

You might say to yourself, "Hey, it may not be pretty, but it gets the job done." That's probably not the message you want coming across in your space. Why waste money on a piece of furniture you don't love or doesn't serve your space well? You don't need to sacrifice style or function.

Why Rent: Go ahead, indulge your changing tastes! Switch up your style! Keep up with those Joneses! With thousands of furniture, decor, and houseware items to choose from, we really do have something for everyone, and every moment. And if you’re not in love? We offer free returns and exchanges within the first 7 days of your rental.

Bottom Line

Want to avoid another case of MPRS? Leave the big box furniture behind and try furniture rental with Brook. We do the heavy lifting—literally, so you won’t lift a finger during delivery, assembly, or pickup. From real estate staging, to corporate housing, to style upgrades, Brook Furniture Rental is the practical—and easy—solution to your furniture needs. No assembly required.

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