Up to Code? May is Building Safety Month

Up to Code? May is Building Safety Month

The theme for Building Safety Month 2022 is “Safety for All: Building Codes in Action” according to the International Code Council (ICC). This year’s events may be virtual—but everyone can benefit from learning about the importance of building codes, best practices, and how they can ensure safety and even save lives. With natural disasters only increasing around the country, having modern building codes in place “keeps our homes and communities strong and resilient,” says the ICC.

Building Safety Month is broken down into four weeks of educational content, with specific tips and tools to take back to your building or community. This year, the weekly themes are: Energy and Innovation, Building Safety Careers, Disaster Preparedness, and Water Safety,

Why Does Building Safety Month Matter?

The evolution of building codes has improved building safety for us all. When looking at natural disasters that occur in underdeveloped countries, where building codes may not be properly utilized, you see much more destruction and death. Building codes saves lives. And this goes well beyond natural disasters: By reducing the chances of fire, structure collapse, and electrocution, people remain safer in their homes.

Building Safety Month, Week by Week

Throughout May, the ICC’s international campaign will focus on specific building code topics each week. Explore all the highlighted topics to ensure the safety and sustainability of your community.

Energy and Innovation

Week 1 of Building Safety Month covers energy efficiency, sustainability, and building science. It will review the International Codes developed by the ICC, which are the most commonly used building code standards around the world. It will also examine how to incorporate sustainable practices that adhere to safety and resilience.

Building Safety Careers

Recruiting and training the next generation of building code and safety experts is the theme of Week 2. From building officials to fire marshals and plumbing inspectors, discussions center on what makes a good building safety professional, how to create a pipeline for growth in the field, and how to fill any present gaps in the industry.

Disaster Preparedness

Natural disasters are on the rise around the world—in frequency and severity. Week 3 of Building Safety Month examines advanced planning for devastating events such as hurricanes, floods, snowstorms, tornadoes, wildfires, and earthquakes. The goal? Help individuals increase their safety and preparedness while also helping communities develop and boost resilience in the wake of a disaster. Learn about the four phases of emergency management: disaster mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.

Water Safety

Everyone needs access to clean, safe water for drinking and living. The final week focuses on building, plumbing, and green codes that help preserve our water and guard it against pollution and contamination. Often seen as a macro issue, water safety concerns are important on a micro level, too. A homeowner or renter’s water could become cross-contaminated with sewage waste or chlorine from a swimming pool. Improving standards to prevent this is crucial.

Bottom Line

Brook Furniture Rental knows that when we each do our part, together we can improve community sustainability and resilience and promote safer practices. If you are displaced from your home due to a disaster, Brook is here to supply you with the furniture you need to quickly feel at home in temporary housing. Plus, by renting furniture you’re helping us maintain green practices and keep furniture waste out of landfills.

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