Building a Sustainable Community

Building a Sustainable Community

Sustainability isn’t a trend: It’s a way of living promoting green initiatives that reduce our waste and carbon footprint. More apartment communities are adopting sustainable principles in design and function. Green living is here to stay and here’s what you can strive for in your own sustainable community. 

What Is a Sustainable Community?

A sustainable community manages the needs of its residents while helping to preserve resources for future generations. A green community also considers how much energy it uses and where the energy is sourced from. It has programs in place to reduce waste, increase recycling, and inspire reusability. 

New communities are being built with sustainability in mind, and old ones are being reimagined through renovations. These communities try to incorporate green walls, garden centers, and smart technology to reduce excess energy consumption. The more initiatives a community embraces, the bigger the potential impact. 

8 Steps for Creating a Community With Green Living 

You can start to convert an existing community into one with green living. Here are eight steps to building a more sustainable, ideal place to call home:

Install eco-friendly features

Replace old light bulbs with new, energy-saving light bulbs. Use low-flow faucets and toilets to reduce water consumption and waste. Keep rooms the ideal temperature with smart thermostats.

Start a recycling program

Make it easy for the community to recycle plastic, paper, and metal. Provide regular bins designated for recycling and make sure it is picked up frequently to avoid overflow.

Reduce outdoor water usage

Design landscaping to be either drought-resistant or low-water consumption. This can greatly help reduce the amount of water being used while still keeping the grounds beautiful.

Convert to solar

Solar is a good investment for the community as well as for overall energy efficiency. Residents will feel good about saving money knowing they are also helping the environment.

Maintain HVAC units

Service all HVAC units annually to ensure optimal operation. Check ductwork for damage causing hot or cold air to leak out.

Insulate walls

Insulation not only maintains ideal internal temperatures, it also reduces noise—a valuable selling point when living in a busy apartment community.

Use eco-friendly cleaning products

Clean common areas with green products that contain less irritants and harmful substances. Practice low energy maintenance methods, too. For example, use a rake rather than a leaf blower to cut down on energy consumption and noise pollution for the community.

Rent furniture

Renting furniture for common areas like coworking spaces and lounges keeps communities looking great while keeping fast furniture that doesn’t last out of landfills.

Looking for more ways to go green? Furniture rental isn’t just for model units and common areas. Let your renters know they can work with Brook to get everything from hallway rugs to common area sofas to outfit their apartments.

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