Business Travel Plus Leisure = “Bleisure”

By Brook Furniture Rental-

There was a time when the word business traveler evoked thoughts of “mad men” suits and oversized briefcases. These days are long gone, and business travel has evolved immensely over the years impacted by technology, inexpensive travel options and a new breed of business traveler: one who fits in leisure travel while doing business. 

Though, it might be a new buzz word, “bleisure”, the act of combining business and leisure travel has attracted quite a bit of attention and research in the last few years.  

According to a study conducted by Expedia Media Solutions and Luth Research, 67% of business travelers “want the ability to extend their trips for leisure activities.” The research also found that the most popular reasons for extending a business trip were “festivals and cultural events” (86%), sporting events (76%) and music concerts at 64%.  

 Female Bleisure Traveler

Another survey released by BridgeStreet Global Hospitality found that 60 percent of business travelers had taken bleisure trips with 30 percent adding at least two additional days. The survey also found that the demographics are almost evenly split between male and female with the largest group falling into the 45-to 54-year-old age group.  

 People networking at restaurant

With the reputation for life experience over possessions, millennials made up the second largest group spending more time and money on booking travel both for business and leisure. The bleisure trend is indicative of changes in work ethics, focusing on the overall importance of an employee’s well-being by companies that understand work-life balance. Bleisure travel offers employees the chance to unwind, relax as well as providing ample opportunities to gain knowledge and meet new connections, all positive results for an organization.  

 Mobile Search

And due to mobile technologies, today’s millennial-type business travelers are never out of touch either with family or the company, making their leisure time much more enjoyable. The ability to easily locate the best restaurants, events as well as the top tourist attractions with the touch of a smartphone enables a traveler to experience as much as possible in a limited amount of time.  

Technology is also driving changes in the traditional structure of corporate travel. Many of today’s younger and diverse business travelers are choosing to self-book and customize their accommodations as well as leisure time. 

 Furnished Apartment

Image: Brook Furniture Rental 

Not surprisingly, these leisure travelers are choosing to stay at furnished apartments rather than traditional hotels, seeking out accommodations that better fit their lifestyle preferences and personalities. 

The increasing trend of bleisure travel offers new and exciting opportunities for the business of corporate travel. Both travel providers, corporate accommodations, and short-term housing providers are taking note, offering optional leisure incentives and activities to increase revenues from business travelers extended stays.  

One thing is obvious; business travelers are expecting more and having more fun . 

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