5 Ways to Boost Your Vacation Rental Occupancy

5 Ways to Boost Your Vacation Rental Occupancy

With online marketplaces like Airbnb and Vrbo, booking a vacation rental home is easier than ever. The income generated from renting out a vacation property can substantially offset the cost of ownership and enable homeowners and property managers to invest in enhancing their property.

What Makes a Great Vacation Rental?

To get top reviews and a steady stream of quality renters, owners should invest in making their property as appealing as possible. You’ll get repeat customers and higher revenue, and it’ll make the renting process a more enjoyable experience. Renters want the comforts of home with the luxury feel of a hotel and its amenities.

5 Tips to Create a Memorable Vacation Rental

Here are five ways to help your rental vacation property stand out from the crowd.

Keep Your Rental Property Current

coastal design vacation rental

Whether your vacation property is a condo in Florida or a lakeside cottage in Colorado, keeping it stylish and appealing is a prime objective. In a competitive market, the location, as well as furniture and décor, are deciding factors when renters are browsing online. Renting home and condo furniture has become a popular choice for many rental owners, as it’s a cost-effective way to keep their vacation homes current and comfortable.

Soft couches or sectionals with lots of comfy pillows and throws, area rugs, decorative art, mirrors, dining room furniture, and even bedding and linens are all available from Brook—for whatever length of time you need them. With many styles to choose from, your guests will be impressed by the quality and comfort.

Stock the Kitchen and Bathrooms

Vacation acessories

When vacationers arrive at your rental property, they expect a certain level of quality and convenience, including common amenities. To ensure the best possible experience, make sure your vacation rental is well stocked. The kitchen should include all the basic cooking requirements, such as a coffee maker, microwave, standard cooking utensils, cups, glasses, and place settings for at least eight, as well as cleaning supplies. Don’t forget to supply towels and other bathroom amenities, too.

Decorate the Patio Areas

vacation rental patio

The outside of your vacation rental is as important as the inside. Pay particular attention to the ambiance of patio, deck, and porch areas. Provide adequate outdoor furniture, umbrellas, and a barbecue, as well as decor and lights, to create a comfortable space where your guests can relax.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

Achieve glowing, positive reviews and repeat customers by hiring a cleaning service between renters. Vacationers value cleanliness as one of the most outstanding amenities. By hiring professionals, you can feel confident that the property will be fresh and clean for your next arrival. It will feel like they’re staying at a luxury hotel.

Exceed Expectations

Create an information binder outlining available services in the area, such as grocery stores and hospitals, as well as popular attractions and restaurants. Be sure to include your contact information. Also, offer a guest book where your vacationers can leave comments about their experience. A guest book is an effective way to receive valuable feedback on your property, as well as reviews that you can post to social networks and your website.

It’s the little things that can make a difference in exceeding a vacationer’s expectations. Provide music, books, board games, and outdoor sports equipment, and ensure everything is clean and in good working order. These are simple ways to leave a lasting impression with your customers and keep them coming back.

Bottom Line

To create a great short-term rental, the key objective is to make the vacation experience as pleasant as possible for your guests. Comfortable furniture and stylish decor, stocked amenities, and attention to details are all contributing factors that can make the difference. Brook has everything you need to turn your vacation rental into a profitable business.

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