Tantalizing Textures to Add at Home

Tantalizing Textures to Add at Home

Furnishing an empty space, whether an apartment or a complete home, is an exciting opportunity. Starting with a clean slate allows you to create a space that completely reflects your personality and taste. While you ponder over color scheme and furniture selection, don’t overlook the importance of texture. Texture can add dimension to a room and enlighten your sense of touch and sight, from the softness of a faux cushion to the brilliance of a metallic table.

7 Welcoming Ways to Add Texture to Your Space

How to begin? Here are a few decorating design tips to help you add texture to your rental decorating scheme.

Lay Down a Rugged Rug

Rugs with texture

Rugs are one of the simplest ways to add texture to a room. You can choose to rent from a variety of styles to suit your decorating taste. Don’t be afraid to consider a bold geometric pattern, chic shag, or animal print that embellish a tactile feel. Layering a printed rug over a neutral tone can create an element of interest but also double up on the texture scale.

Prepare Patterns to Complement Your Palette

Patterns with texture

Whether florals, stripes, or geometrics, patterned materials add depth, excitement, and texture. Based on your color scheme, consider pairing up a patterned rug with layers of pillows in contrasting solids and patterns. The key is to begin with a neutral anchor piece, such as a sofa, and choose a maximum of three accent colors that are complementary to each other to create a cohesive balance.

Add Intrigue with Affable Artwork

Artwork with texture

Artwork inspires the texture of the senses. It can take us away to a faraway land or remind us of a long-forgotten poem. As a decorating element, artwork adds color, dimension, and a focal point to bring the room together. No other decorative accessory has a greater visual impact than an inspired piece of artwork. When renting art, remember to not only think about what will work with the style and color schemes of the room, but also what you will love to look at.

Make It a Moment With Mirrors

Mirrors add texture

Though you may not have considered mirrors as textural, their inherent quality of reflecting light and emphasizing colors and shapes can add a new dimension to a space. Consider renting mirrors in a variety of shapes with frame textures of luxurious metallic finishes for full impact. For a subtle effect, a full-length mirror casually placed against a wall or corner is a creative way to add character and reflect the beauty of the room.

Find Some Fabulous Faux Fur

Faux fur texture

Not only are faux fur accents trendy, but they exude texture. From pillows to rugs to a casually placed throw, faux fur is an instant texture-maker. When combined with a neutral palette, faux fur will add a sense of warmth, comfort, and fun to your space, perfect for your bedroom or sofa.

Make Texture Magic with Metallics

Metallics add texture

Decorating with metallics offers the opportunity to get adventurous in mixing patterns and textures. Placing one or two occasional pieces that combine decorative or textured metallic can provide a unique statement of style. Remember not to overdo it. One stunning textured metallic piece can be strong enough on its own to command a room.

Try Textural Pieces (We Said What We Said)

Textural Pieces add texture

Though a statement rug, pillows, and accessories are perfect ways to evoke a sense of texture, consider renting a few exciting pieces of textural furniture to complete the room. A single metallic bureau or oriental style cabinet combined with complementary smaller accessories can work to deliver a stunning designer space.

Bottom Line

Adding texture brings a sense of warmth and comfort to a space, while adding visual intrigue. Brook offers furnishings that reflect the latest in style and décor. Whether it be a model suite, furnished apartment, home, or guest suite, we have the solutions to fit your needs.