Decorating Homes & Apartments with Accent Pillows

 By Brook Furniture Rental –

How could we live without accent pillows? For thousands of years, pillows and cushions have added style and comfort to a history of generations. Once only reserved for the wealthy, cushions have evolved to become a mainstay interior design feature. From colorful to subtle hues in patterns and solids, accent pillows bring together a color palette and provide a sense of elegance and visual interest to any room setting. When renting furniture for homes and apartments from Brook Furniture Rental, you can choose from a fabulous selection of rental pillows designed to compliment any of our room settings.

Deciding on size, shape, colors and patterns, and the overall style you are trying to achieve are the first steps in the accent pillow rental process. Brook Furniture Rental has made it easy with pre-designed, coordinated room settings through our home furniture rental packages, but you can also rent furniture a la carte, and truly express your personal style.

Select Your Color Palette

When choosing your color palette, consider the other decor that you are using in the room, such as rugs and artwork. There are no hard and fast rules regarding mixing patterns and solids as long as the hues compliment each other. Bright, playful patterns will result in a fresh, modern feel, while more subdued colors are perfect for a classic look. If you’re starting from scratch, a good way to begin is by selecting a sofa style, then browsing the many furniture rental accessories that Brook Furniture Rental offers online that will work together to create a harmonious color scheme.

Number of Accent Pillows & Cushions

In a modern environment, most design experts recommend to group accent pillows in sets of odd numbers, such as three, five, or seven. In working with non-traditional interior design, there is more flexibility in mixing things up a bit with textures and styles, like natural weaves and faux fur for an eclectic look. Again, keep in mind the style, size, and color hue of your rental sofa and your chosen color palette.

Accent Pillow Arrangement

For a more traditional look, the one-to-one or two-to-two (cushions on each end of the couch) is a classic design treatment, preferably two solid pillows for the ends paired with two patterned ones. Arrange the largest pillows in the far corners of the sofa with smaller pillows on the inside. Brook’s online furniture rental collections make it easy to pair up accessories, ottomans, and accent chairs in matching fabric and patterns in both modern and traditional styles.

Don’t be afraid to mix pillow types by combining rectangles with round and bolster styles. When renting accent pillows for both a sofa and accent chairs, consider them as a matching group regarding the palette and patterns to create a harmonious effect.


In working with a neutral palette, choosing accent pillows in attractive, natural textures and fabrics is a perfect alternative for creating a sophisticated, polished look. Pillows can vary in size, and fabrics but should maintain a color scheme similarity, such as off-white, chocolate, and shades of taupe.

When renting home and apartment furniture from Brook Furniture Rental, you can rest assured you will find only the highest quality furniture featuring the latest styles, from traditional to modern, to suit your personal taste. We’ve made the rental process fast and easy, so you can get the furniture you need to be delivered when and where you want it.

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