Crystal Clear Tips on Decorating with Acrylic

Crystal Clear Tips on Decorating with Acrylic

Of the many passing fancies exhibited at the 1939 World’s Fair, one has proven its staying power: acrylic resins, which are often known by some of its trade names — Lucite and Plexiglas. Crystal clear, easily shaped, and strong, the material has inspired countless designers. Acrylic is most commonly seen in side chairs, tables, desks, and coffee tables. Although acrylic has a very distinctive and modern appearance, pieces can integrate well with traditional furniture and rental furniture to bring a sense of the whimsy to any room.

What Is Acrylic?

Let's get science-y for a minute. Acrylic is a type of transparent thermoplastic known as polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), which belongs to a group of engineering plastics.  Also known by the trade names and brands Crylux, Plexiglas, Acrylite, Astariglas, Lucite, Perclax, and Perspex, acrylic is most often clear or translucent, but it can also come in a variety of shades and colors.

Characterized by its high durability, stiffness, and excellent clarity, it's often used as a less breakable alternative to glass. While not always environmentally friendly (most plastics aren't), acrylic pieces are extremely long-lasting and resistant to wear and tear. Acrylic can even be made into synthetic fibers (whoa!) — usually in clothing for its flexibility and ruggedness, sometimes in furniture textiles.

3 Ways to Decorate With Acrylic

Acrylic furniture meshes well with multiple design styles (we're thinking contemporary, modern, maybe even transitional).  It’s a look not often seen in spaces, and while it's transparent, that doesn't mean it can't pack a stylish punch. Clear surfaces make for clear sightlines and helps a room feel less cluttered. From chairs to discreet end tables, acrylic furnishings can deliver balance to an entire room. Here are three ways to decorate with acrylic.

Keep the room bright and open

Dining room furnished by Brook

Classic dining room chairs in acrylic matched with chic modern adds a whimsical accent to the space. Acrylic is a an excellent choice in kitchen and dining areas to maximize the space of a home.


Clear the clutter


Acrylic nesting tables combined with a glass coffee table gives the room a fresh, airy vibe and allows more of the stunning carpet to be exposed. The transparency of these pieces give everything else in the space appropriate breathing room.


Tone things down


An acrylic ghost chair is fabulous when combined with glass and chrome. It makes a stylish statement, while being understated at the same time. It's the perfect way to add zen and focus in a workspace.


How to Keep Your Acrylic Sparkling

Acrylic is durable and strong, but take care when cleaning. As with any type of furniture, this material requires a special touch. Gather up a clean microfiber cloth, plastic cleaning solution, and a plastic polish kit, like Novus 7100.

Remember: Acrylic isn't glass, so put down the Windex. Cleaning solution formulated specifically for plastic is important because many regular household cleaners will wear down the material over time and make it cloudy. A clean cloth is essential to avoid scratching the surface. If your piece does get scratched, use a plastic polish kit to buff them out. Be gentle! Overall, acrylic and Lucite are incredibly resilient, but the surface can show fine, delicate scratches easily, too.

Bottom Line

Looking for a clear vision and space refresh? Look no further: Acrylic is crystal clear answer. Brook understands emerging trends and delivers the highest quality and most stylish furniture available. Our knowledgeable team can help in the selection of styles and accent pieces to guarantee a beautiful outcome in any space, from short-term rentals to staging homes.

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