Design Ideas to Fill Your Empty Nest

Design Ideas to Fill Your Empty Nest

You’ve done the hard work of raising your kids, and now they’re off and out of the house. An empty nest can be a bit somber, for sure—but it’s also a perfect opportunity to rethink your home design in a way that caters to you. You are now free to pursue what you like and what you’ve always wanted, without having to sacrifice on behalf of everyone else.

Ready to transform your empty nest into the home of your dreams? Consider these seven design ideas.

spacious living room with white furniture
clean and spacious living room with large console cabinet
guest bedroom

reading area with two comfy accent chairs
houseplants in a well-lit living room
large, beautiful updated bathroom
backyard patio with flowers, table, chairs, and umbrella

Bottom Line

Being an empty nester is tough, especially at first. You miss your children and the energy they bring to your home. But when one door closes another one opens, and an empty nest is a great opportunity to reimagine your home as a place that reflects you and all the things you love. It’s still home, just different—and maybe even better. Brook is here to help you upgrade your furniture in style. Our rental model is a hassle-free, eco-friendly way to experiment with trends and find what makes you happy.

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