8 Ideas for Fall Resident Events

8 Ideas for Fall Resident Events

With summer in the rearview mirror, and cooler temps and holiday magic fast approaching, now is the perfect time to come together for some fall fun. Be prepared with dynamic, memorable events to help build a sense of community among residents this autumn.

How Fall Events Can Help You Retain Residents

When your residents truly feel at home, they’re more likely to extend their leases and refer their friends. Hosting fun, community-oriented events gives people a chance to meet their neighbors and create lasting memories. Beyond your property’s features and amenities, seasonal events are yet another way for you to demonstrate your investment in the community.

8 Events to Bring Residents Together This Fall

What do you think of when you think of fall? Spooky season? Cozy vibes? Capitalize on both with these eight autumn events to entice residents:


potluck fall event

Food, food, and more food. Food is the king of gatherings. Build a worthy spread, and they will come. Potlucks are a great way for residents to get to know each other. Have people bring their favorite recipes, and watch the conversations unfold about where people are from and what they loved most about fall growing up. After all, as Thanksgiving approaches, people can get a little homesick. 

Wine Tastings

wine tasting fall event

Your residents may not be able to jet off to Napa for a fall harvest wine adventure, but a wine tasting event can be a sophisticated alternative. Set up a relaxed atmosphere for your residents. And hey—there’s no need to worry about the drive home when you’re already there! See if you can get a local distributor to partner with you and bring some of their bestsellers as well as new tastes. 

Costume Party

costume party fall event

The first holiday of the festive season is Halloween, as if you couldn’t tell from the aisles of spooky decor at every store. Challenge your residents to dress up for a good ol’ fashioned party. People love trying to guess who is behind the makeup or mask, and it’s always fun to see just how creative people can be. While you might want to take a pass on classic Halloween games like bobbing for apples (ew), offer prizes for different costume categories voted on by residents.

Haunted House

haunted house fall event

Step up the Halloween festivities with a haunted house. This could be a family-friendly version or a scare-your-pants-off adult version. Either way, it’s a great way for your community to have a screaming good time. Open it up to neighboring apartment complexes to encourage people to expand their networks and create new neighborhood relationships. 

Trunk or Treat

trunk or treat fall event

Trick-or-treating can be difficult in an apartment building. Decorations can be sparse and it isn’t always easy to tell who’s in the game. Trunk-or-treating in the parking lot can be more than just an opportunity to give out (and eat) candy. Have a contest for participating residents to see who can decorate their cars most creatively. It’s also the perfect event for residents with littles who may tire easily from going door-to-door, by offering an all-in-one trick-or-treat experience.  

Pumpkin Carving Contest

pumpkin carving fall event

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a carved pumpkin or two adorning your doorstep. Help residents get in the spirit of the holiday with a pumpkin carving contest. Kids and adults alike love digging into the gourd and creating whacky designs and faces. Hand out prizes for different categories, like Most Original or Scariest pumpkin.

Sporting Event 

watch game fall event

Got a sports team that the locals love rooting for? Host a football watch party where everyone can cheer on their favorite team. Get a big screen and stock up on finger foods for everyone to enjoy. This is an easy, low-cost event you can host as many times as you like throughout the season. No big screen in a shared space? Get a projector to display the game on the side of a wall for larger than life entertainment.

Book Club

book club fall event

Nothing says autumn aesthetic more than curling up with a warm beverage, cozy blanket, and a good book. It’s the perfect time for a book club. People start spending more time indoors, giving them extra time to read, and it helps keep your resident bookworms moving through their ever-growing TBR pile. 

Bottom Line

Fall events are made for getting people together and building a sense of community. (Pro Tip: Create an events calendar that gives people ample time and opportunity to participate.) By helping residents find belonging, you can keep everyone happy, not to mention more likely to stay in your community and refer their friends.

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