5 Furniture Flippers to Follow on TikTok

5 Furniture Flippers to Follow on TikTok

Looking for new furniture to switch up your style at home? You might be in for a long wait. Shipping backlogs from China continue, and the renewed spread of COVID-19 is forcing factory closures in Vietnam. Both countries are top exporters of furniture to the United States, and furniture retailers are seeing wait times of up to six months—or more—for custom furniture. That new living room set you’re admiring may not arrive until late 2023.

If your heart isn’t set on brand-new furniture, consider new-to-you furniture—a.k.a. vintage or secondhand furniture. Thrift stores, consignment shops, even Facebook Marketplace, are great choices to source furniture options. Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Do a furniture flip!

What Is Furniture Flipping?

Furniture flipping is taking an item of furniture and giving it a new look. A little DIY carpentry, new hardware, a coat of stain or paint, and you’ve got a unique piece to showcase in your home! Flipping a piece of furniture is a more sustainable option than turning to fast furniture, and it keeps old and tired pieces out of landfills.

Not sure where to start? Check out these five furniture flippers on TikTok for inspiration and tips. 

5 TikTok Furniture Flippers to Watch

1. @maggiemcgaugh

Based in Fort Worth, Texas, Maggie McGaugh (@maggiemcgaugh) is a top-notch furniture flipper who prides herself on sharing “one-part DIY” videos. Many creators on TikTok break videos into multiple parts, but not here. You can always expect to see the full transformation of a piece in one video—so satisfying. McGaugh also has an e-course on how to flip furniture, where she gives the full rundown on all her tools of the trade.

Our Pick:


Follow if you’re a fan of before and afters. I never make you wait for a part 2. 😉 #furnituremakeover #dressermakeover #womenwithpowertools #diy

♬ original sound – Maggie McGaugh (One Part DIY)

2. @clintonaverytharp

Clinton Avery Tharp (@clintonaverytharp) is a quirky fellow with sharp editing skills in Oklahoma. Tharp shares tips for buying and selling furniture primarily on Facebook Marketplace. There’s an art to furniture staging and taking appealing photos. He also takes you through very simple ways to improve a piece, like removing the skirt from an old chair or giving it new legs. Tharp’s videos will make you laugh—and maybe scratch your head, too.

Our Pick:


That’s a profit bench! @goodwillstores #fyp #furniture #moneymakingtips

♬ original sound – Clinton Avery Tharp

3. @shenperkins

If you’re on a tight budget, Shen Perkins (@shenperkins) shares tips for affordable flips and do-it-yourself projects. From the Atlanta area, Perkins specializes in budget furniture flips and creative paint makeovers. She’s not afraid of color and making a bold statement. Perkins also names many of the furniture pieces she picks up (meet Ashley below).

Our Pick:


#furnitureflip #furnituremakeover #customfurniture #beforeandafter #furnitureflipper #diyer #upcycle #refinishingfurniture #customfurniture #mydiy

♬ Midnight city M83 x Good life Kanye West – Josh gedz

4. @flipdaddie

New furniture can cost big bucks, and designer brands might be out of your league. So why not recreate the look yourself? Christina (@flipdaddie) takes secondhand furniture and transforms these tired, old pieces into designer dupes. She browses for inspiration and recreates the look on a budget. She’s tackled styles from Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, West Elm, and more… with jaw-dropping results.

Our Pick:


Thnx for 250k! Tutorial coming soon😉 #diyprojects #furnitureflip #furniturediy #thrifting #springvibes #furniturerestoration #diyhomeprojects #thrift

♬ Circus – Britney Spears

5. @ericthevintagehunter

A self-proclaimed “picker” in Wisconsin, Eric (@ericthevintagehunter) picks up vintage and secondhand pieces to sell. He offers practical DIY advice, as well as tips for thrifting and picking while on the hunt for specific items. Sometimes simple methods are the best for restoring old furniture!

Our Pick:


It’s not going get rid of watermarks but it’ll covered the starches #bigtime #learnwithme #furnitureflip #pickertok #ericthevintagehunter

♬ original sound – Eric

Bottom Line

Furniture flipping is an easy, fun, affordable option if you’re not willing to wait months for new furniture. But what if you’re not into DIY, or you’re looking for something more modern? That’s OK! Consider furniture rental solutions with Brook. We’ve got stylish, high-quality pieces for every room in your home, with delivery available in as little as two business days. 

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