Furniture for an Urban Lifestyle

Furniture for an Urban Lifestyle

If you’re an urban nomad, you know what it like to be on the move! You go where the opportunities take you, and you explore every new location with a sense of wonderment. Experience is everything, and you have it down to a fine art.

So, when it comes to designing your apartment, you do not subscribe to the populous choice but prefer to express your own originality. So, here are some design styles to consider from Brook Furniture Rental that might be a perfect fit for your personality.

Furniture Styles to Fit Your Urban Abode

Mid-century style

Mid-Century Modern

If you love Mad Men interiors, you will enjoy the mid-century modern design. Characterized by uncomplicated, refined lines, its pieces embrace creative ways to combine traditional and non-traditional elements. The masters of mid-century modern furniture defined innovative ways to use new materials such as molded plastic, plywood, and aluminum to create a myriad of design styles that are both original and versatile. From stream-lined sofas to upholstered headboards, mid-century design will infuse a strong visual focus to your space.

Industrial style


 If you have found the perfect apartment that features an exposed brick wall, think industrial furniture style. The “warehouse” look that embraces raw and exposed materials originates from the turn-of-the-century industrial era, featuring décor that ranges from the earthy to the polished. Color palettes are often a mix of muted shades of grays and browns void of any striking colors. The décor is paired down to the essentials, so no need for the clutter of unessential accessories. Think leather couches and occasional chairs, throw pillows and textured rugs to achieve the total look.

Scandinavian Style


Influenced from the mountains and fjords of the Nordic countries, Scandinavian design has held its popularity over the years. This timeless style features white-walled and minimalistic interiors characterized by contemporary and functional furniture. Much of Scandinavian design follows the principles of the Bauhaus movement (simplicity) and embraces the concept of the Danish concept hygge, (comfort and warmth). Combine a minimalistic furniture design approach with layers of faux fur cushions, throws, and luxurious soft textures to create a space that is airy, fresh and most important, inviting.

Contemporary Style


Contemporary style is based on the concept of living in the present, the here and now. The look embraces clean and subtle interiors characterized by a sense of neutrality. Not to be confused with modern style, contemporary design is ever-changing reflecting what is popular at-the-moment. Dating back to the 1970’s contemporary style borrows elements from other design trends such as modern and mid-century. A neutral tone-on-tone palette (think: white, beige, tan, black) is dominant in creating this look and combines furniture and accessories in metals, glass, and smooth textures emphasizing both shapes and lines. If living in the moment is for you, a contemporary furniture style is a perfect fit.

Bottom Line

Brook Furniture Rental offers the perfect furnishings for apartment decorating, from fabulous sofas and occasional chairs to dining sets, rugs, and accessories all available in a myriad of design styles. Visit our website or contact us at 800. 933.7368 to create that one-of-a-kind design for you.

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